PS+ Game Rumors for March Include Dead Nation on the PS4 and Tomb Raider on the PS3


Even though we are just half way through February we already have our eyes on what PlayStation Plus has instock for us in March. GamePointsNow, the same company that that leaked the February PS+ games list to us for Europe is back and this time they have to scoop for March’s PS+ games for Europe.

The site says that Housemarque’s shoot em up game, Dead Nation will be free for PS4 gamers next month. The funny part about this is that there have been no rumors about a port for this game from Sony nor Housemarque. Housemarque tease a Dead Nation game for the PS4 back in September but we thought it would be a complete new game not a port. We are only 2 weeks from March and we have heard nothing about this game for the PS4, so I am doubtful about this game being true for next month’s PS+ freebie.

The PlayStation 3 free game sounds a lot more believable, Tomb Raider and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the game that is expected to be free on the PS3. The game has already been offered in NA so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it is offered in Europe next month. The only doubts about this game I have is that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition has just been released for the PS4, and Square Enix would probably not want to cut sales by giving the current gen version of the game away for free. But the PS3 game will be a year old next month so it isn’t impossible.

Vita gamers will get Smart As and Pixeljunk Mosters Ultimate HD. Vita gamers saw Smart As released in NA for free in January so this is believable. None of these games have been confirmed by Sony so take this as a rumor not fact.



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