Primal Carnage: Genesis Trailers


InĀ  March 2013, Lukewarm Media announced that they will be completing and releasing the newest Primal Carnage game, Primal Carnage: Genesis, for the PlayStation 4’s next-generation console!

So far, Primal Carnage has only been on the PC, so this will be the first time we will see a Primal Carnage game on a gaming console – and it will be the PlayStation 4 that has the honor of showcasing this story-driven, episodic single player game on their console.

It is a prequel to the previous game, Primal Carnage, and takes place in a world of dinosaurs that have been brought back to life on an island (think Jurassic Park) and players must struggle to survive when the animals have managed to escape their captivity.

This is a first person shooter game is going to focus on stealth, exploration, and puzzle solving so that the player can focus more on interactive game play than on just “shoot and pray” play with lots of cut scenes. The environment will be alive and part of the story as well.

Click here to check out screenshots for Primal Carnage: Genesis.

Check out the Primal Carnage: Genesis Trailer:

Check out the Primal Carnage: Genesis Cinematic Trailer:



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