Primal Carnage: Genesis for PlayStation 4


primal-carnage-screenshots (1)At the recent Game Developers Conference, Sony announced few games for PlayStation and among them are the Primal Carnage: Genesis, courtesy of Sony’s Pub Fund which is aimed to make publication on PlayStation easy for game developers. Primal Carnage is an Unreal Engine 4-powered Lukewarm Media dinosaurs game which features a mix of open-world exploration and linear gameplay from first-person human perspective coupled with the single-player story which will be told in a Walking Dead-style episodic format.

The concept of Primal Carnage came as a result of the developers’ need to create a remarkable and immersive gaming experience for the new generation of PlayStation especially with the imagination on what it would be like to walk on dinosaurs.

I will agree that a very critical analysis must have been done before creating Primal Carnage game especially where it concerns the need to capture the magic and beauty of the prehistoric giant brachiosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex and smaller dilophosaurus and the magic of real time. Thus, the innovators used an unreal Engine 4 as software platform of choice. The gameplay will feature a linear gameplay and open-world exploration from first-person human perspective with PlayStation rendering as the basis to selling lush island climate and suspending the doubt that dinosaurs aren’t really real.

The story delved into varying storytelling methods and happened upon the episodic approach which ended up being clear victor owing to versatile nature of varying episodes. With enough room for developers to wiggle around, gamers have unique opportunity to enjoy player feedback from the first episode.

There is no doubt that Dinosaurs are back. I know too that the developer definitely have much more information to spread on the success and acceptance of the game and enhancing great gaming experience in virtual community. With a sneak into the Primal Carnage: Genesis for PlayStation 4, we look forward to more updates and final release of the game.

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