Playstation 4 Pre Order (PS4 Pre Buy)

preorderThe Playstation 4 Order is now on! The console is priced at $399, $100 less than the XBox One!

If you remember the Playstation 3 pre order, then you know that the box box pre order opportunities will only be available for those who have days to stand in line (and nights to spend in line) all for the possibility of getting to purchase a console. This is really not the best opportunity for those who are looking to confirm a Playstation 4 pre order with out the the expense and hassle of several days spent in front of a department store.

However, you can Pre-Order your copy right now at Amazon for $399 – and if you order 2 day shipping you will get it on the release date:



Pre Order Locations:

PlayStation 4 (PS4): Standard Edition Price: $399.96 (currently available)
PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle Price: $499.99 (currently available)
PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle Price: $499.99 (currently available)
PlayStation 4 Knack Launch Day Bundle Price: $459.99 (currently available)
PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Launch Day Bundle Price: $459.99 (currently available)
PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Bundle Price: $459.99 (currently available)

(currently out of PlayStation 4 consoles)

Best Buy:
Sony – PlayStation 4 (500GB) Price: $399.99 (currently available)

Sony Store:
PlayStation 4 PS410034 Price: $399.99 (currently available)


If you know of anywhere else where Pre Orders are available, please post a comment and we’ll update the first post!

gaming-ps4-new-playstation-console-controller-06That is why we at strive to find all of the best prices and pre order opportunities for Playstation 4, Playstation 4 games, and Playstation 4 accessories. All (or a vast majority of) the Playstation 4 pre order opportunities we will present will utilize online retailers, and other opportunities that can be fulfilled from the comfort of your home.

There are more than a dozen online retailers that are expected to have the Playstation 4 available for pre order, these are pre order opportunities for the Playstation 4 console, console bundles, as well as pre order opportunities for Playstation 4 games… All of which you will be able to take advantage of from the home or office.

The importance of a pre ordering a product with such a high demand as the Playstation 4, is simply to ensure that you can get one in hand within a reasonable time frame, often before the holiday shopping season.

PlayStation 4 Console, Remote and CameraThere have literally been millions of Playstation 3 consoles sold throughout the United States, not even considering international sales, and the Playstation 4 is expected to be even more highly desired… There is no way that Sony will be able to keep up with the numbers upon initial launch, a pre order is the only way to be certain you will get a Playstation 4 console when it is released.

When it comes time to pre order your Playstation 4 choose your online retailer wisely, there will be several available each with a limited stock of Playstation 4 consoles. That is one reason why we at will be tracking not only which retailers are going to have Playstation 4 consoles available but also how many they are expecting to have in stock… Knowing the number of consoles that an individual retailer will have available for pre order will give you that needed edge and help ensure that you get yours!

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The Playstation 4 is coming and we will continue to be the best resource for information, amazing deals, and of course pre order opportunities.