PlayStation’s Feb. 20 Event

playstation 4 announcement

On January 31, 2013, PlayStation teased for the event they are hosting on February 20, 2013. The catchphrase: “see the future.”

There have been several speculations about what will be seen and announced at the event, but Sony says it will be about the future of the PlayStation – more than likely, it is an official PlayStation 4 announcement.

Five days after the event in Arizona, PlayStation is hosting Destination PlayStation, an event for investors and media to discuss, well, whatever they unveil at the Feb. 20 event.

PlayStation is pushing for gamers to follow Twitter: #playstation2013 to join the conversation about the event.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

This announcement came shortly after the CEO of Sony had discussed the PS4 at CES 2013. He had said that Sony won’t talk about the PlayStation 4 until they are ready to launch it–“in a big way.”

playstation 4 announcementThis would be a “big way,” because in the next week, Sony is hosting Destination PlayStation, allowing for more press; it also gives Sony the opportunity to use E3 in July 2013 as a showcase for the device, letting the event tomorrow be a dedicated event to save the games and other features for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Hopefully, this would all follow with a holiday 2013 PS4 release date, which is what has been expecting for some time.

We must also note that last week, a picture of the PS4 controller prototype was leaked onto the web, so we know that the PS4 should be in its finishing stages.

Sony PlayStation’s Teaser Videos

Sony PlayStation’s YouTube channel has been posting videos teaser videos to increase speculation. The first video, “#PlayStation2013,”  was published on January 31; on February 15, the next video, “The Beginning,” was released; the following days each released a new video, “The Next Big Thing,” “Next Generation, and “Gaming on the Go.”

Here is the entire playlist of PlayStation Evolution if you have missed out:

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