PSN Scam?


Here is a recent scam that has been reported on the PS4 Playstation Network. Please take a moment, read it and notice some of the red flags that make it obvious that it is a “phishing” type of message. A message that is designed to get you to give the sender your account information, so that the person sending the email can access your financials or other secure information.

You can read the message below:

Hello PSN User, My name is Bobby Phillips “MrBobbyPhillips” I work for a company in syracuse called “SCEA” I am here to inform you that you are rewarded to recieve one of our rewards for being a loyal customer to the ps3 hopefully the same thing will happen for the playstation 4 but it is my honor to reward you a update brought to you by company computer $40.00 and any psn game from your choice so please respond back and message me your email and password to verify the information we have here Thank you


If you get any message of this type, please be sure to report it. If we report enough of them hopefully it will stop.

Be safe, never send your account information to anyone.



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