PlayStation Plus Kicking Off 2014 with a Bang with January Lineup

PlayStation Plus Kicking Off 2014 with a Bang with January Lineup

Sony has announced their lineup for the PS Plus members in January, this includes Don’t Starve on PS4 and DmC: Devil May Cry and Borderlands 2 on PS3. PS3 updates will be available from December 24th and PS4 will be on January 8th.

PlayStation Plus on the PS4 not only allows you free games every month but it allows you online multiplayer, where you can challenge like-minded gamers from all around the world to games.

The title Don’t Starve sends you to an unexplored world which is full of creatures, dangers and surprises all around. This game delivers a whole new enhanced gaming experience for all.

Your character will be Wilson, a scientist who has been transported and trapped in a mysterious wilderness by a demon. Use everything you can in the world to try to survive, escape and find your way back home. Don’t Starve will be available on January 8th.

On DmC: Devil Mat Cry for PS3, this is in Dante’s early years. This follows the franchises usual action combat style game which injects a more brutal and visceral edge.

In Borderlands 2 you expose a corrupt corporation by the name of Hyperion Corporation and its evil boss, Handsome Jack, in the single player campaign. In this game you can also choose from multiple classes. Discover thrilling ways to attack enemies which a vast array of weapons and equipment. Both of these games have been available on PS+ from December 24th.

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