PlayStation Executive Tearing Up

PlayStation Executive Tearing Up

Console launches are emotional times for gamers and for game developers. During tonight’s launch in Seoul, one PlayStation executive broke out in tears.

I am speaking of Shiro Kawauchi, the head of Sony Entertainment Korea. He was speaking in his native Japanese language when he got choked up, he spoke about how PlayStation fans had been waiting for days for the PS4 launch event and he remembers meeting with fans all around the country before the launch event.

“I truly thank you for coming out today in this cold weather,” said Kawauchi. Then, in Korean, Kawauchi added, “I love you all. Please show your love for PlayStation 4 as well. Thank you!”

In a country where PC gaming rules and consoles don’t, after relations between South Korea and Japan have soured. Kawaichi was moved by the PlayStation fans there. Something that you can see even if you don’t speak their language. It can move everyone, to see how emotional and overjoyed even the Sony staff can get over such a thing.



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