PlayStation Still Available at BestBuy on 26th of December

PlayStation Still Available at BestBuy on 26th of December

BestBuy stocked off most of its US stores on Sunday the 22nd of December, as written by PS4Gamer, making a lot of people’s wishes come through on Christmas by being able to get a PS4 system for the holidays, they limited one per customer. Now 4 days later BestBuy still has the PS4 in stock, they must have had a bigger stock than everyone would have thought.

The PS4 system was released on November 15th and since then has reached record sales. Now with BestBuy holding up its stock more and more people who wanted the system can have it.

BestBuy also has a special deal going with the PS4. You can get a free $25 gift card with your purchase, if you purchase two games or controllers. Here is the description from BestBuy: Buy two select PS4 games, controllers or one of each, and get the gift card for free. You can also buy one of the select console bundles along with a game or controller and get the gift card for free plus free shipping. Here are the steps to getting your free gift card:

  1. Select two PS4 items.
  2. Click Add to Cart and the Gift Card will be automatically added to your cart.

There is a limit to one free gift card per browser session. The gift card will be shipped separately and is not available for in store pickup.



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