PlayStation 4’s Possible First Bundle Revealed


Speculations are high since the announcement of Sony’s February 20th media event where it is expected to unveil its next-gen PS4 console. What I really want to know is – what can we expect from the possible first bundle of PlayStation 4?

Rumors suggest that the possible first bundle we should expect is an upgraded PS4 Eye peripheral known as the Dual Camera.

You will recall that Sony introduced EyeToy for PlayStation 2, which was a simple webcam in 2003. More or like a pioneer to Microsoft Kinect, a system that functioned by judging dissimilarity between player and background. It could detect large movements and position of user’s

After the launch of the EyeToy, Sony has severally upgraded the system with PlayStation Move Pack comprising WiiMote-style controller and nuuchuck, supported with lights which aided the camera in tracking player’s position. Currently, there is expectation of a renewed focus on the motion-sensing control system.

In accordance to an undisclosed source, PS4 will come bundled with an HD EyeToy system which will make use of a pair of camera to sense depth, just like the kinect. With a 720p (1280 x 720) camera resolution, HD EyeToy system will significantly enhance accuracy over existing EyeToy and Move combination together with full head tracking and facial recognition for automatic user login.

Thus, the camera would be able to recognize users and connect with their information and content; needless to input their login information. In the same vein, you will be able to use microphones for voice and video chat.

Significantly, there is a pointer from digital trends that there would be several titles for the forthcoming console which include new versions of customizable platformer LittleBigPlanet, sci-fi action shooter Killzone and racing hit MotorStorm.



  1. I just bought a PS3 on Sunday and this happens… WHY OH WHY. Please make this like the Xbox, where you can just buy the sensor for 100$ and use it on the PS3. 🙁


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