PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Take Aways After First Month of Release


It has been over a month since the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One were released. With the eight generation console war officially under way, let’s see how each console is doing in a side by side comparison.

First let’s start off with the units sold:

Console                                                Availability                          Global Units Sold

PlayStation 4                                    11-15-2013                          2.37 million

Xbox One                                            11-22-2013                          1.84 million


The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were in a dead heat before but since PlayStation 4 has been expanding their market they have been pulling ahead a little more. Currently the PlayStation 4 is ahead by over 500,000 consoles sold.


Another great stat we found was that the PlayStation 4 had more users coming in from Xbox 360 than the Xbox One had from the PS3.


Coming From PS3             Coming From Xbox 360                  Coming From PC

PlayStation 4                     60%                                        28%                                                        10%

Xbox One                            10%                                        81%                                                        8%


PS4 users buy more games than Xbox One users as showed in the following chart.


Games Purchases                            PlayStation 4                      Xbox One

Physical Discs                                     2.4                                          2.6

Digital Downloads                            0.5                                          0.4

Digital Online Games                      1.8                                          0.7


By the looks of all these charts the PS4 has Xbox One pretty much beat in every category. Hopefully this stays the same for this generation of gaming. If you have anything you might want to add please share it in the comment section below.



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