PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset set to Include Flight Simulator and F1 Driving Simulator

PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset set to Include Flight Simulator and F1 Driving Simulator

Sony has filed another patent for the PS4 Virtual Reality Headset. The patent was published on Christmas but filed in March. It adds little to what is already known about the PS4 Virtual Reality Headset. What it did show however were the background list of inventors, some of whom have some really impressive job history.

Starting with Simon Benson, Senior Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He used to be a producer at Evolution Studios after he worked at BAE systems on flight simulators. He said on his LinkedIn:

During my time at BAE, I worked on high end R&D flight simulators. I won a gold award for innovation (the highest award in the corporation) as well as a silver and several bronze awards.

“I am a Senior Development Manager with a background in managing high-tech. software development projects. I have a background in interactive entertainment development in the motor racing genre and also high end R&D simulators in both the military and motor racing fields. I also have a history of working with stereoscopic technology.”

Another inventor of this project from Sony is Ian Bickerstaff, Senior Engineer WWS Stereoscopic Team Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, his linked in quotes:

Ian Bickerstaff is a 3D specialist at Sony Computer Entertainment. He is responsible for providing stereography support for 3D games on the PlayStation 3. Previously, he worked for 15 years in the simulation industry developing advanced 3D visualisation displays for BAE Systems. He also played a major part in developing the world’s first F1 driving simulator for a top motor racing team. He has created a number of stereoscopic demonstration films and holds several 3D patents.

We don’t even know if the Sony headset rumor is true right now but more and more evidence keeps popping up. The earliest chance of this rumor coming through seems to be the last of next year. The big rumor is that Sony aims to crush the current VR king, the Oculus Rift, with the help of the PlayStation Camera.



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