PlayStation 4 Video Sharing Has Some Bugs

PlayStation 4 Video Sharing Has Some Bugs

One is the best looking features going into the next generation of gaming consoles was the sharing feature. While many thought it wouldn’t be used much it has become a huge part of the console gaming, many people are using it as showed by this article: PS4 Has Streamed Over 20 Million Hours and 800,000 Videos of Gameplay. Unfortunately lately this features hasn’t been working as well as it should be, there’s been a lot of glitches and we can add it to the list of launch bugs on the PS4.

At first the share button worked exactly as it was supposed to, you hit the share button and it sent you to the app in which it showed the last 15 minutes of gameplay, which you could then share with the world. Then came the bug with Battlefield 4 where clips didn’t share with any sounds. DICE sent out a patch that fixed this bug as noted in their patch notes: “Enabled audio in PS4 video captures.” So there we thought the problem was solved, but then another emerged.

Instead of the share footage that pops up with you hit the button being from the last 15 minutes of gameplay it tends to be from a random timeframe, which without guarantee might be corrected with the steps in this article: Here is the Fix if Your PS4 is Only Recording First 15 Minutes of Each Gaming Session.

This seems to be a minimal bug with the PS4 system that many people are having. Not only with a specific game but a system wide bug. It is an incredibly fun feature to use and I hope that Sony can get all the bugs ironed out of it as soon as possible.



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