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PlayStation 4 rumors spread like wildfire around the internet. Where they start, no one knows; some say they come from “reliable anonymous sources” while others are simply guessing and hoping.

But here, we’ll break down all the rumors that have been circulating gaming websites. There are individual articles about each rumors, since we find it our duty to keep you, the avid gamer, informed about PS4 development.

Rumors and “News” about the PS4:

1)      Supposedly, PlayStation 4 games have been under development. This rumor circulated twice with different sources each time. The validity of the news is questionable, but we can assume there is some truth: it takes over a year of testing just for a game to release, so development would begin prior to any official announcement about a next generation console.

2)      Motion technology will resemble the Xbox Kinect rather than the PS Move. This seems entirely reasonable, since the Kinect technology does not use a controller for motion sensitivity, like the PS Move depends upon. It would be a major upgrade for PlayStation if they followed the same technology strategy.

3)      PS4 to release in March 2013: now, this rumor seems almost laughable. It stems from an anonymous person who overhead a Sony meeting where the words “PlayStation 4 in 18 months” were overheard. We can see this as possible, but it seems more likely that an unveiling will occur in 18 months rather than a full release (this rumor started in September 2011).

4)      PS3 price-cut indicates PS4’s impending release: yes, Sony dropped the price of the PlayStation 3 considerably since the first release, down to $249 for 160GB PS3. Good deal; but does it really mean that the PS4 is approaching? It’s possible, since game companies usually clear out shelves with a good price-drop about a year prior to a release.

5)      Wii U pushes next-generation consoles for sooner release: this came from an interview with the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot. He believes that the release of the Wii U in 2012 will instigate Microsoft and Sony to release next-gen consoles that much sooner.

6)      PS4 consoles being manufactured for 2012: this is probably the most questionable rumor. A “top source” leaked that Sony ordered 20 million units of the PlayStation 4 to be manufactured before 2012. That would indicate a 2012 unveiling with a late 2012 release. Insane.


So these are the rumors spreading across the web about the PlayStation 4. Which ones do you think could be true? What ones do you hope are true?


++ Playstation 4 UPDATE Part 2 December 15 ++

Recently we did an post on the status of the upcoming Playstation 4 console. This is the next part of that, a further and more in depth look at what information is available regarding the Playstation 4. In the first Playstation 4 Update post we went over several of the rumors that have been going around regarding the Playstation 4, including hints that the console itself is already in development… however very few if any of the Playstation 4 rumors can be substantiated.

This Playstation 4 Update is going to look further and see not only what is being said, but possibly why and what if anything can be proven.

As early as May of 2011 news of the Playstation 4 being under development has been spread throughout the internet… and not just some of the silly rumors that come from random bloggers, but actual game companies stepping up, and while be unconfirmed, admitting that they were already working on the Playstation 4 games. More often than not, it is the game developers that usually leak this type of information, and that has been the case with the Playstation 4. This is a pretty big deal and with so many separate game developers having said something along the lines that they were “working on next generation software” there should be little doubt that the Playstation 4 is being developed NOW.

Some interesting articles regarding the Playstation 4 games:

There has even been talk from a top label manufacturer that the Playstation 4 consoles themselves are being developed… and not just developed but actually manufactured and being prepared to ship. A Taiwan based company has claimed that they are currently assembling 20 million consoles for release during 2012. If this is true, then not only is the console under development, it is nearly ready for distribution. Read more regarding the 2011 Playstation 4 production. It is impossible to know if this is true or not, but it is likely that the Playstation 4 is at least in some form of production.

The most important information regarding the launch of the next generation Playstation console, the Playstation 4, may have come from Ubisoft, a company who has leaked some information regarding the next generation of the Xbox, letting on that the next generation of consoles was not far off… that paired with the comment from Sony’s Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan stating that it would be undesirable for the company to launch the Playstation 4 console “significantly later than the competition”. is likely to mean that the Playstation 4 is even closer than some of us would believe.

Just last year there was very little mention of a next generation console, and when ever it was mentioned to the big guys at Sony the response was the same… That we have yet to reach the limits of the Playstation 3 and that a new console was not necessary. But as time goes on this is proving to not necessarily be true. While the Playstation 3 still offers amazing gaming capabilities, the games them selves are not as amazing as they could be, and the online network is really bad when compared to that of Xbox live. That is why the first big change we would like to see in the next Playstation console is not necessarily better hardware but an easier to use SDK, which would make game development easier and certainly lead to better games. Pairing an easier to develop for console, and an improved online network would certainly make the Playstation 4 the next great console… and it would likely have an entire line up of games worthy of the hardware you play them on.

Let us know what you would like to see out of the Playstation 4 console… what games you are looking forward to, and when you think the console will be released. Follow the Playstation 4 release date information at Playstation 4 Release Date


++ Playstation 4 Release UPDATE December 15 ++
Sony will not announce a Playstation 4 console at E3 in 2012. Contrary to countless rumors and vague reports the next generation console will not be announced at E3 based on remarks from Kazuo Hirai, Sony Corp’s deputy president. While this may be a let down for some gamers out there who feel they are ready for a next generation console… some Playstation 4 information did come from Kazuo Hirai during the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Kazuo Hirai has confirmed that the next generation Playstation console will not utilize downloadable content such as OnLive. It appears to be the belief of Sony Corp that many of the game titles could end up requiring hours of download time for customers… an inconvenience they have no intention of creating. Personally, I think it is only a matter of time before console games are downloadable, but I do agree with Sony Corp on this one we are not yet ready… a popular title being released and downloaded by millions all in the same day is sure to create havoc, lag, and disgruntled customers.

Playstation 4 Winning Design

Sony Entertainment Corp president Andrew House stated that Blu-ray is and will continue to be the best way to deliver full games, and other physical media. Taking both of these comments into consideration it seems it is more than a safe bet that the next generation Playstation console will feature a disk reader of some kind.

Howard Stringer, Sony Corp president, stated that the difference between 3D gaming and how we game now, will be as drastic as going from black and white to color television. Another great quote from CES regarding 3D gaming “We are definitely, from a Sony perspective, very committed to 3-D,” from Kazuo Hirai. Taking both of these statements into consideration, amongst many things that have been hinted at, we think it is safe to assume that they are developing 3D capabilities for the Playstation 4 … or if it is possible maybe a way to bring 3D gaming to the Playstation 3.

There is a lot of expectation for the next Playstation console, and as we get closer we will keep you updated on any information that makes it our way.


  1. I want to be able to play PS3 games on the PS4.I have a PS3 but I can’t play PS2 games on it.I got mad because I have alot of PS2 games.

  2. The PS4 should be thought out, and then thought out again before release.
    The PS2 and PS3 have run into major problems with the early release models…over heating, etc. Now, with the PS network having been hacked, it is very, very important to build in firewalls far beyond what are in place now.
    Games with advanced creativity should be on the menu as well…but simplified user playability should be job 1. there are still too many games that come out, and it takes a week to figure out the way the controls are configured, before you can leap into playing the stratagy part of the GSME.

  3. Sony Corporation Executive Officers:

    Sony’s ultimate dream goal should be to have a minimum two game product in every household, one the family devise and the hand held portable. Lock in your customers to your product. Produce the newest devise with an attachment that connects to avail the original user the opportunity to still play their favorite games. For example, I will never stop loving to play pac man.

    The attachment would also afford the older games to upgrade in graphic enhancement. I just stumbled on the idea because my grandson became interested in the playstation 4, and I read the reviews. What a fantastic way of ensuring SONY as a household family consideration, without bleeding the consumer in this financially striving not thriving economy. Take the stand to promote anti-bulling by being economically marketable to all. Come on and think it over.


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