Playstation 4 Update part 2


Recently we did an post on the status of the upcoming Playstation 4 console. This is the next part of that, a further and more in depth look at what information is available regarding the Playstation 4. In the first Playstation 4 Update post we went over several of the rumors that have been going around regarding the Playstation 4, including hints that the console itself is already in development… however very few if any of the Playstation 4 rumors can be substantiated.

This Playstation 4 Update is going to look further and see not only what is being said, but possibly why and what if anything can be proven.

As early as May of 2011 news of the Playstation 4 being under development has been spread throughout the internet… and not just some of the silly rumors that come from random bloggers, but actual game companies stepping up, and while be unconfirmed, admitting that they were already working on the Playstation 4 games. More often than not, it is the game developers that usually leak this type of information, and that has been the case with the Playstation 4. This is a pretty big deal and with so many separate game developers having said something along the lines that they were “working on next generation software” there should be little doubt that the Playstation 4 is being developed NOW.

Some interesting articles regarding the Playstation 4 games:

There has even been talk from a top label manufacturer that the Playstation 4 consoles themselves are being developed… and not just developed but actually manufactured and being prepared to ship. A Taiwan based company has claimed that they are currently assembling 20 million consoles for release during 2012. If this is true, then not only is the console under development, it is nearly ready for distribution. Read more regarding the 2011 Playstation 4 production. It is impossible to know if this is true or not, but it is likely that the Playstation 4 is at least in some form of production.

The most important information regarding the launch of the next generation Playstation console, the Playstation 4, may have come from Ubisoft, a company who has leaked some information regarding the next generation of the Xbox, letting on that the next generation of consoles was not far off… that paired with the comment from Sony’s Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan stating that it would be undesirable for the company to launch the Playstation 4 console “significantly later than the competition”. is likely to mean that the Playstation 4 is even closer than some of us would believe.

Just last year there was very little mention of a next generation console, and when ever it was mentioned to the big guys at Sony the response was the same… That we have yet to reach the limits of the Playstation 3 and that a new console was not necessary. But as time goes on this is proving to not necessarily be true. While the Playstation 3 still offers amazing gaming capabilities, the games them selves are not as amazing as they could be, and the online network is really bad when compared to that of Xbox live. That is why the first big change we would like to see in the next Playstation console is not necessarily better hardware but an easier to use SDK, which would make game development easier and certainly lead to better games. Pairing an easier to develop for console, and an improved online network would certainly make the Playstation 4 the next great console… and it would likely have an entire line up of games worthy of the hardware you play them on.

Let us know what you would like to see out of the Playstation 4 console… what games you are looking forward to, and when you think the console will be released. Follow the Playstation 4 release date information at Playstation 4 Release Date





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