PlayStation 4: The Benchmark of Future Gaming Technology

Playstation 4 Concepts
Playstation 4 Concepts

Everything we know about the PlayStation 4 console, an eighth generation video game console and the next to be released by video game giants, Sony PlayStation:

As per the latest news and rumors, Sony is yet again going to redefine the world of video gaming by launching their latest console, Playstation 4. Although there are numerous rumors regarding the specifications and the upgrades that this new gaming console is supposed to provide, it is certain that gamers are in for a surprise and a new benchmark is going to be set with the launch of this new gaming console by Sony. With the recent launch of Playstation Vita, the upgraded portable handheld console from Sony, a huge upgrade over its predecessor, Playstation Portable, one can expect much more when it comes to the dedicated PlayStation next-generation gaming console.

Playstation 3, the present version of the gaming console franchise from Sony, features better graphics and motion sensing features in comparison to other gaming consoles present in the market. It seems that Sony is always thinking one-step ahead of its competitors when it comes to gaming consoles and video graphics support that it provides for its games. When it comes to sensitivity, graphics features, and performance factors, Sony has been able to surpass its competition by miles. If you aren’t already a fan of the company, check out the games that are present in the market that have been exclusively developed for this gaming console itself.

The rumor of a better enhanced gaming console from Sony have become unrelenting after the recent interview from Jim Ryan, the Europe head for Playstation, made the headlines. According to Jim, the entertainment industry is always growing and the key to success in this field is innovation. Moreover, Jim’s comment that after subsequently launching PS1, PS2 and PS3, the organization is thinking of a better and enhanced version to keep up to the market expectation also makes the rumor of a new and enhanced Playstation 4 even more plausible. It’s not surprising, considering how quickly technology moves; perhaps Sony can think of a way to keep the PS4 constantly on-par with the speed of the digital market.

According to various news sources, the new Playstation 4 will be providing 4K support for viewing which means that it will offer a horizontal pixel count support of 4096 pixels instead of 1086 pixels. This also means that the Sony’s new LED televisions, which support 4K pixels, is going to be the ideal viewing interface for this gaming console until other companies catch up. If the next video game console has 4K pixel support, then it is obvious that the same organization is going to market its high-resolution 4K LED televisions in the market first.

Gamers can truly hope for a new and advanced next-generation gaming console from Sony based on another fact. Numerous renowned gaming franchises are delaying their long anticipated games, although the launches of these games were scheduled long back. The intentional delay in the launch of these games indicates that last minute modifications to the settings of these games to incorporate the newest video game consoles. Major enhancements are on the way to meet the high criteria of the possible launch of the advanced gaming console from Sony. The intentional delay of these games to the fourth quarter of 2012 also suggests that the new Playstation 4 might see a launch date late in the 4th quarter of 2012.

The technological advance in the field of video gaming and the introduction of new game engines, which is capable of providing a completely new gaming experience to the users, means that the gaming console providers are also looking towards new advancement in the console design and specifications. When it comes to upgrading and introducing new gaming technology, especially in gaming consoles, one can never forget the contribution of Sony. The Playstation gaming console provided an entirely new gaming experience to the gamers. With every new release, Sony has aimed at providing something new and different; something that surpasses the previous version and gaming experiences. That is why the expectation of a new and enhanced Playstation 4 is not a dream or rumor any more. According to Jim, every Playstation console version had some features that provided an extra edge over the previous version. Thus, the support for 4K should not come as a surprise since Sony is all about better and advanced technology when it comes to entertainment gadgets.

According to other sources, the new Playstation 4 is likely to have high-end AMD CPU components, which will incorporate both CPU and GPU units of high capability. However, the versions of the AMD CPU components are still in question and it is quite unlikely that the rumored A8-3850 APU and the AMD Radeon HD 7670 chip will be part of the gaming console. The reason behind this is that at present AMD is offering much high performance CPU’s and graphic components in the market and it is quite unlikely that Sony Playstation 4 will be incorporating any kind of existing or outdated technology in its system. Therefore, we can expect a much better configuration for the new Playstation 4 gaming console.

According to Sony spokespersons, the new Playstation 4 will not be hitting the markets unless Sony is able to make a significant leap in the gaming technology. Apart from the 4K display support and the one-of-a-kind 1080p 3D gaming support, there is no further communication in terms of the technological advancement that Sony Playstation 4 might be incorporating. One aspect of Playstation 4, which might be a mood kill for many gamers, is the complete lack of backward compatibility. In the initial versions of the PS3 consoles, there was a special chip installed to allow the users to play their favorite PS2 games. However, later versions of PS3 lacked this feature and this tradition will continue with PS4 where the users will not be able to play their favorite PS3 games anymore on this console and rather would have to hold on to their old PS3 consoles.

New possibilities in terms of console and controller design are in speculation for the new Playstation 4. According to Sony spokespersons, the new console will be featuring an enhanced controller that will allow the players to play for longer hours without feeling any kind of discomfort. With all these hopes and possibilities, Playstation 4 is surely going to be the next step in video gaming revolution.

Now, what do you think? What do you expect for the next generation of video gaming? Do you think the PS4 will live up to our expectations?


  1. Lol. Future benchmark of gaming? If it’s anything like the playstation 3 and xbox 360, PC gaming will be leagues ahead of it by the time the console comes out and once again there will be very little point in buying one apart from the price tag which will reflect the quality of graphical output and mediocre media streaming.

    When will people learn to buy a nice PC, whack a version of Origin or Steam onto it and let their worlds be enveloped… Something new comes out? Whack it in your rig and continue partying.

    PC = man + beer + awesomeness
    Xbox 360 + PS3 = is made to make the PC look superior lol.

    There’s simply… No comparison, never has been. ever. Components start off big and get smaller… Get something the big components can fit in, then you will see the benefit BABEHHH.. Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, god damn Devil may cry 5, far cry 3… all superior in framerate and graphical quality… supremeeeee to the max


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