PlayStation 4 Surpasses XBox One for Holiday Wish List

PlayStation 4 Console, Remote and Camera

Can it really be that the next-generation console war will be won by PlayStation??

Before E3 2013 in June, no one would have thought that Sony would be able to take the lead in the console war so clearly with the PlayStation 4. However, the blusters made by XBox this year were so monumentally pronounced that it could not have gone any other way!

As soon as XBox announced that the XBox One would charge fees for used games, need to be online continuously, and must have the Kinect attached and set up, gamers were outraged – and so was the entire gaming community!! This serious mistake would mean no one could use a used game or take a game to a friend’s house without paying another fee. It would put used game companies out of business, such as NetFlix and GameStop. It would hurt the entire industry!

Not to mention the need to be always on – who can guarantee they will always have internet access every 24 hours?? What happens in a black out or serious weather situation?? What happens if your local internet provider simply goes out for a few days and you cannot access the internet? You would have to find something else to do other than play your XBox – it wouldn’t work!

PlayStation 4 Console, Remote and CameraLastly, the system would cost you $100 more than a PlayStation 4!

Ever since the big screw ups from the XBox One Reveal at E3, Microsoft has been backpedaling as fast as possible. They have already reversed their decision to charge for used games and to keep the system always on. They have also removed the need to always have the Kinect attached.

Even though they are backpedaling and doing an “Apology Tour” around the country, the XBox One has not sold the way it was anticipated, while the PlayStation 4 has been sold out for pre-orders for weeks now! Even Reuters conducted a poll that said PlayStation 4 is at the top of the holiday wish lists over XBox One!

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