Playstation 4 Specs – Sony Takes The Console To A Whole New Level


The next generation Sony console, dubbed as the Playstation 4, has not seen the light of the day yet. But Sony recently unveiled the technical specifications of the console. At a glance the specifications look awesome and after a closer inspection they seem even better. The specs far outmatch the specs of the latest Nintendo Wii. The new XBOX specs are not known yet but it will be tough to beat the Playstation 4 even for Microsoft.

The console will have an 8 core processor based on the AMD’s Jaguar CPU architecture. This 64 bit x86 processor is one of the most powerful console CPUs till date. Although its 1.6 GHz clock speed seems below per if compared to the higher clock speeds of PC CPUs.  It must be noted that most PC games are unable to use all the cores of the CPU perfectly due to lack of standardization. In case of the PS4, developers have a particular standard to work with so they can create games that utilize all eight CPU cores to the maximum thus creating better performance than many higher end PCs.

Sony has provided another lower core CPU to handle background tasks while the main CPU is used to play games. This will be a boon for players who previously suffered from the console getting slow during downloads and updates and at times the update would stall the gaming activities. Freeing up the main CPU is sure to increase performance to a large extent.

sony-playstation-4-ps4-architecture-001--630x354The GPU included with the console is created using AMD Radeon technology. It is equivalent to PC graphics card Radeon HD 7850 and it can generate up to 1.84 Tera Flops clock speed. The HD 7850 can run most of the newer games at high graphics settings so the PS4 graphics chip should be no muck either. Both the CPU and the GPU are cast on the same die. The GPU can either support full 1080p video output or 720p output scaled to 1080p. In both the cases, the resultant display should be great.

A giant step forward is the inclusion of 8 GB high speed DDR5 memory capable of 176 GB/ Sec data speed. This huge amount of memory will not only run games very smoothly, but will allow game developers to create more visually enriched and complex games for the console. The RAM is shared across the system so the system and video memory can both access the full RAM. This is very handy in case one of them runs low in memory and a great way to improve console performance.

sony_playstation4_eventNot to mention the Blu-Ray drive has been upgraded to 6X speed. This means faster data readouts and less loading and installation times to play a game.

No clear information about the hard drive space has been revealed yet. According to rumors, the console developers are yet undecided about the number of USB 3.0 ports to accompany the console. All in all, the Playstation 4 specs look impressive and might be the best specs among consoles of this generation.


  1. Yes this ps4 is what will take sony on a next level its like a hole new game from what I have learn this is a 5 star game

  2. Warhawk 2 would be sick for this console. <3 Still playing Warhawk for the ps3 and been playing it since 2009. Still the best damn game I've played..


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