PlayStation 4 says Used Games Will Work Meme

PS4 - Used Games Will Work!

Sony has confirmed for all of us inquiring minds that the PlayStation 4 Console will allow you to use all of your used games on their console – no fee, no charge, no rejection!

Thank you Sony! According to the Sony developers, they want their players to be able to trade games in at retail locations, sell their games to another person, lend their games to a friend or family member, or simply keep the game forever.

And why not? ItsĀ  bought and paid for! Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t see things the same way! They want to CHARGE you to use a used game on their system!

Did I really just hear that? A game that’s bought and paid for, and yet I would still have to pay a fee in order to use it on my brand new, shiny, XBox One console? That’s right!

Oh boy… big mistake XBox One!
PS4 - Used Games Will Work!


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  1. History repeats itself! Guess they dont remember the fiasco that was DivX at retail stores. You remember, places like Circuit City trying to hawk the “new” Divx format over DVDs, circa ~1995. Sure you could buy new movies for $5. but you had to pay a fee when you watched it, EVERY SINGLE TIME. This does it for me, will be posting my 360 on craigslist soon and hello PS3/4!


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