Possible Playstation 4 Release Video Leaked

Playstation 4 testing lab

Update: Playstation 4 Release Date Count Down

It looks like the Playstation 4 may be coming MUCH sooner than had been expected. There are a ton of rumors going around the internet regarding the Playstation 4 right now, most of which you can blame on the Sony team. Right after the official release and announcement of the Playstation Move, for the first time in a long time we (the ever anxious Playstation groupies) are beginning to accept that the Playstation 4 is likely years away…

And here is what the Playstation 4 Team leaked, released, planted just a few hours ago

This is a serious game changer, this not only acknowledges the Playstation 4. But makes it look like it is just around the corner, and this was not the only “leaked” viral video that we were able to find for the Playstation 4, while not in English here is another below.

For us at Sonyps4.com this could not have come at a better time, we have been awaiting some real news to bring to the masses for quite some time now… and this is definitely real Playstation 4 news!

So what would Playstation be looking to release a Playstation 4 when they have just announced the Playstation Move… Well that really could be the answer all onto itself.

The PS3 console has years lets on its life cycle and is still the most technologically advanced gaming console available, and will be for the next several years. But the Playstation Move (psmove) will add a completely different type of game play, and require specific games and possible accessories… Now in this respect it is believed that the guys at Playstation have decided to merge the 2, the best console available today and the future of motion gaming and brand them as the Playstation 4.

That’s at least the popular rumor at the moment, keep in mind the Playstation team while willing to leak the viral video have not explained it at all… Is that really a shock though with the E3 expo coming up on June 15th. Got to tell you, sitting here on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what the Playstation team has to say, and if they are going to shed some light on the Playstation 4 videos that were leaked, I really have a feeling they are going to be mentioning it.

Playstation Move
Playstation Move

If speculation was required, I would guess that the standard Playstation 3 that you have grown to know and love will be getting yet another great price break, making the most powerful console on the planet even more affordable… In addition I expect the Playstation 4 will cost some where between 300 and 400 bucks, not a bad deal considering it will have an upgraded PS3 console as well as everything necessary to utilize motion gaming (psmove and accessories) on the upgraded console, chances are they will even include a game.

So much to look forward to, we will let you know how E3 goes, and what the Playstation team has to say. Don’t forget that when the time comes, to prebuy the console to ensure your own!


  1. well i realy hope to see this PS4 come out sooner than they say it will looks like the second vid was a lil to fake but the PS4 will be the shit

  2. I can’t believe how stupid you people are. Do you honestly believe that these videos are real? Even if they DID begin developing the PS4, there CERTAINLY wouldn’t be legit videos made for it… It would be a closely guarded secret. Don’t expect to see or even hear about the PS4 for a long while

  3. They can only do that for so long. Eventually, in a few years, they will do a PS4, they have already stated that they will, just not when.

  4. I think that the PS4 will be a success. But I think it will probaly cost 700$ and not that many people are going to buy right away especially with the way the economy is working out, if they want more games make the games cheaper. More poeple will buy 40$ games than 60$ games.


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