Playstation 4 Release Update


UPDATE: The PlayStation 4 will cost $399! Pre-Order Your Copy Now!

Sony will not announce a Playstation 4 console at E3 in 2012. Contrary to countless rumors and vague reports the next generation console will not be announced at E3 based on remarks from Kazuo Hirai, Sony Corp’s deputy president. While this may be a let down for some gamers out there who feel they are ready for a next generation console… some Playstation 4 information did come from Kazuo Hirai during the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Kazuo Hirai has confirmed that the next generation Playstation console will not utilize downloadable content such as OnLive. preorderIt appears to be the belief of Sony Corp that many of the game titles could end up requiring hours of download time for customers… an inconvenience they have no intention of creating. Personally, I think it is only a matter of time before console games are downloadable, but I do agree with Sony Corp on this one we are not yet ready… a popular title being released and downloaded by millions all in the same day is sure to create havoc, lag, and disgruntled customers.

PlayStation 4 Console, Remote and CameraSony Entertainment Corp president Andrew House stated that Blu-ray is and will continue to be the best way to deliver full games, and other physical media. Taking both of these comments into consideration it seems it is more than a safe bet that the next generation Playstation console will feature a disk reader of some kind.

Howard Stringer, Sony Corp president, stated that the difference between 3D gaming and how we game now, will be as drastic as going from black and white to color television. Another great quote from CES regarding 3D gaming “We are definitely, from a Sony perspective, very committed to 3-D,” from Kazuo Hirai. Taking both of these statements into consideration, amongst many things that have been hinted at, we think it is safe to assume that they are developing 3D capabilities for the Playstation 4 … or if it is possible maybe a way to bring 3D gaming to the Playstation 3.

There is a lot of expectation for the next Playstation console, and as we get closer we will keep you updated on any information that makes it our way.

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  1. Yeah it’s an imagination of what a PS4 could look like :P. I’m also sort of glad it’s not coming out yet. I’ve only had my PS3 for 2 years so far, not ready for a new system

  2. happy its not coming out this year… i’m affraid of how much it would be and i dont have money for a new system

  3. hummmm, good question, we know the price will be high again so I wont even expect a low cost lol uhm an actual release date and not so many recalls lol, uhm better security on the PSN so an attack doenst happen again

  4. Yea re read the last part about 3d… PS3 plays 3d all ready several games have it ….. here is one. The latest motorstorm. It rocks….. Guess some one did not look in the settings on their ps3 it listed.

  5. i think it is a cool design and i hope it does everything like ps3 and a hell of alot more and more than any other thing i hope it will have playstation home if not that will be a deal breaker for me


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