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Update: Playstation 4 Release Date Count Down

Lately the internet has been abuzz with mentions of the Playstation 4, but this last week or so has struck a peculiar note on several sites all over the internet. We too have reported on this rumor, or inevitability… That at some point consoles would no longer be needed… and the Playstation 4 release could very well be the last console that is necessary. The possibility that we would not need gaming consoles to play the highest quality games possible seems a bit strange… but its possible.

With the introduction of cloud computing, online access (often high speed access) digital methods and open platforms… it is not only possible it is certainly the future. Console-less gaming.

Fredrik Wester, CEO of Swedish developer Paradox Interactive, goes one step further stating that he does not believe there will ever be a Playstation 5.¬† “The next generation of console hardware will probably be the last,” he said during the company’s annual showcase. “I’d be surprised if we see another generation after that”.

Chief product officer,¬†Nanea Reeves, for Gaikai a cloud gaming service has predicted that the biggest surprise for this year’s E3 would be a current platform holder (Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo) completely pulling out of the console battle all together, and to no longer be creating any hardware.

This may seem a bit alarming, but we don’t think it it. The idea of bringing gamers high quality games through online access would/could be amazing. The idea of being able to access Playstation 5 games without ever purchasing the console would save consumes hundreds of dollars that can be spent on more games.

The predictions may be a bit early, calling an end to the console world… but they are also inevitable. At some point we will be able to access the majority of our gaming needs through our TV, using resources that are housed in some warehouse… cloud computing and all access online.

With this change in the gaming industry my prediction is that the following change will include many more pay as you go, or “freemium” types of game monetizing. Imagine the android market, but for “Playstation 5” games… with a much higher caliber of quality control.

Let us know what you think, will consoles ever go away?


  1. No, I hope not. Our internet options around us suck. Comcast looks like it would be fast, but their 250 GB limit wouldn’t make this very possible. Our internet we have now is 1- 4 MBps, but most times it is 1 – 2 (very inconsistent speeds). So last console would be end of gaming for me as PC is too expensive overall for me.
    That’s what I think

  2. I’m not so sure I buy the argument… I agree, that technologically we could dump the consoles for cloud computing and blah blah blah. But the one thing that people aren’t considering, is that both Microsoft and Sony are trying to capture your home entertainment attention. They are both trying to increase the content that their game consoles provide. Xbox’s new interface doesn’t even make it seem like an advanced gaming platform – but more of the center of your home entertainment. And unless they convince TV manufacturers to embed hardware in the TV’s… Which is not likely. So there may be a possibility that the boxes are simply “dumb” terminals that stream the games from the cloud, but I still see a need for a box for some time to come…

  3. i think if they go to strait enternet that the people who likes to game and has a console but cant get internet it would suck for them plus some enternets are very slow and to upload a game to your ps4-5 it would take a large amount of time then theres the fact that even if it does go down that way then there would have to be a terrabit harddrive in it for it to hold everything because gamers dont like giving up their games!!!!!

  4. To be completely honest… I hope the Playstation 4 is way, way off! Well, at least a couple years. Why? Well, for two primary reasons:

    1). The limits of the PS3 have not yet been tested. In fact, from some of the reading I’ve done, people are estimating that only about 60% of the potential of the PS3 has been reached. Why come out with a next generation console when the current generation is more powerful than is currently utilized?

    2). Why purchase the next big expensive console when it’s performance only improves a little? What I’m trying to say is, since #1 above is true, wouldn’t you rather wait and then get a console with a significant improvement in power? So that it really is “Next Gen”, instead of simply improved?

    With the latest Microsoft and Sony comments about the next gen console release, it appears to still be a ways away. I hope it stays that way for some time.

  5. I want to see just new better internet browser in ps3 and I will be happy with this console for next few months. The one that ps3 got right now sux baddly and Im dont know why sony ignore this fact so mutch. Many time ps3 freeze or crashes after turning on one or two websides. Ps3 browser right now is really unstable and slow, and websides look like mobile version or even worse. But maybe if they will put this new browser into ps3 who will buy ps4 ??:). Anyway remowe this browser or leave something that really works.

  6. Ps3 and 4 r shit xbox all the way u wonder y u gt hacked a couple off months ago it because all ps ppl are cheap skates they dnt pay for a membership wear xbox u do so we get better service xbox alllllllllll the way

  7. I really don’t think Sony will stop manufactoring new game consoles, maybe a longer wait. As long as consumers continue to buy them, and their is money to be made, then why would Sony ever quit making newer consoles. Thats just bad business.

  8. Nope, I don’t think so… the clue of the newer consoles (since Wii) is, that they have a special kind of feature, you don’t get on a PC. If the way they are right now won’t work, they’ll change their ideas, like they bring out a “Cyber Space”. If you think about it, who would/could by a Cyber Space? Who would make game for something like that? Well guess what, if it sais “Nintendo” or “Playstation X” people will buy it. So stop scaring the shit out of people.

    @ Playstation 4 Reviews
    I don’t think so. I think you talk about shit (60%? Don’t make me laugh!)
    I don’t know where you got that information, but trust me, I know that the PS3 already today lags behind. Compare it to other games for example. And even though “nobody can get out all the potential” 1. it’s DEFINITELY not 60% and 2. it wouldn’t make any difference, cause if nobody can get out the potential, it doesn’t matter if it “technically” has it…

  9. Oh and I forgot
    @ Travis Rector
    You talk about shit too!
    I mean, I guess you HAVE a PC (else you wouldn’t write a comment here, I guess)
    and what do you think a high-end PC could cost? I can get one for 500$
    What does a new console cost? 300$ – where it got cheaper. The PS3 cost 600$ at the beginning – so overall more than a PC.
    And now, since you bough a PC for 500, subtract at least 300 from it (the regular gaming console price) and what do you get? not more than 200.
    So now we got through all that trouble.. how much did you PC cost? (If it was about 200 – yeah, then you should get the idea…)

    Also, console games are all more expensive then PC games (except for Wii – which is in general cheaper, all in all). Through buying PC games (instead of console ones)… what do you think how much you can save? …oh and don’t forget all that useless accessories like “PS Move”, extra controllers or Mics (which you have anyway). So forget it – saying it’s too expensive is just dumb!

  10. Im in no rush for it cuz i still need to get a job ans save up for a 50 inch tv and ps4 and games

  11. Here I can agree with you but its truly unlikely. First consumers like to own hard-goods, in-hand. Second we would be talking about virtual servers that would basically run the system internally. We’re talking heavy costs to start and just as much cost to develop the games. Meaning users would obviously need controllers and it seems a bit cheap to only own a controller and a log-in handle to an online sever. Not to mention you would likely have to pay the same starting cost we’ve always seen with recently released systems. $500 for 2 controllers and a log-in handle to a PS4 operating server seems rather weak. On the other hand we could possibly see this on all Sony Televisions which would kind of be like purchasing a console. Though purely data is not the way to go, its not always as mobile as we’d like, its not collectible, and can’t be really borrowed easily.

    I do expect servers to pick up some of the online game play to enhance fairness and get rid of the current choppy-ness found on games such as Madden but charging for online game monthly is a bad idea and again feels very cheap. Currently I personally believe Sony needs to work on interactive additions with purchases of games, movies, and CD’s. You could theoretically create animations and visually pleasing enhancements for music. Something we haven’t seen improve since WinAmp (which hasn’t changed in forever) Simple animations for news, possibly in 3D (something relative to harry potter animation but in the online world is a good example), or for music. Also direct feeds of any available released video’s for music tracks on your CD or just plan out 3d videos on blu-ray music CD’s. 3D is the future as it is for games and we expect to see it before the end of the PS3 lifespan. Back to the topic, unless they can really push the Sony television as an all and everything entertainment system and include all necessary console amenities with it I would have to doubt they would go to an all virtual server format. As for motion sensing, it will be there but it isn’t the way to go for every game. I think has become obvious as the PS3 has hit the same price level as the Wii or Xbox with kinect that people typically want to sit, kind of relax, or lay down while the play their game console. The YouTube video with the little fat man playing Halo and spinning around like a tubby Michael Jackson was to let us know how ridiculous one would have to be to play such a game on a daily basis. How about something as simple as a built in micro phone? That being said we can expect voice recognition and hopefully better cameras in the future such as we see with the Vita.

    The Vita I have to mention is proving that only certain things can be done with mobile consoles and I would expect at some point consoles will come bundled with their mobile counterparts. If they were to package a full entertainments system into televisions they may get away this if they have a physical mobile unit that would give people away to carry and transfer their data and bring it with them on the go. Its likely the best they could do without an actual system. Regardless I have to throw in, we need to start seeing application development, from Facebook, to Aim, to online dating, or even just better Sony Profiles that connect content a bit better. As Sony is experimenting with @home I think the conclusion will be people need a better way of connecting without costs and gimmicks. That is why Facebook has made it so well and it will be the key for Sony Entertainment in the future. The money is always there after you get the people to show up and stay awhile. Facebook has charged nothing and is in the billions in profit from non-obtrusive ads, marketing data, and simple gift sales that come later after people see there is enough trust amongst the user to build an appreciation for paid Items. @home seems to have future implications but as I have seen from personal experience there is little to no contribution from users. Typically people stand around for hours saying little to nothing and don’t have much to do and really don’t see it as away of connect or building report’. Thing such as a YoVille with stronger capability and interaction are what I believe will connect users as it shows their picture and user profile while allowing them to play and connect as friends. Even in mainstream games currently a user can barely interact on a personal level, and must leave the game to search up a User ID and add them as a friend in which very little information is shown to connect with each other.

    You can’t even add another gaming user to a Facebook Profile. While it has started to allow for an app connection to Facebook to follow gaming achievements it is highly disconnected from achieving an social Merritt that would provide further social connection, whether its online for chatting or another game in the future. Being friends with a user name has never been cool and to many is an unacceptable way of befriending someone.


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