PlayStation 4 Having Problems with Blu-Ray; Gamers Using PlayStation 3 for Movies


There have been some recent problems with the PlayStation 4’s playing Blue-Rays which have driven gamers to use their PS3’s for watching movies. With both next gen consoles having their own problems, it seems the PS4 has been the console of choice for those who want to upgrade. With the Xbox One having lower resolution, faulty Blu-Ray drives and a messed up UI, it has grown a bad name. That is why the PlayStation 4 has come out as the clear winner of the battle.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been working to fix the kinks in their own consoles, while both have Blu-Ray capabilities now, neither of them turned out perfect at launch. Recent rants on Twitter have shown that the PS4 is having problems playing with new released Blu-Ray Movies. This has caused some people to move back to the PS3 to watch their movies.

This brings up the question. Were the consoles released too early? Both have their share of glitches, maybe if they held them back a little longer before releasing them they would have worked out these kinks.

A tech news source even suggested that if you want a Blu-Ray player your best option is probably to go out and buy a PS3, even though the PS4 is already released. Hopefully Sony can work out these bugs that they are having with playing Blu-Ray’s on the PS4 before too long. But for now the best option for watching Blu-Ray movies is to dust off your old PS3 and use that.



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