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UPDATE: The PlayStation 4 will cost $399! Pre-Order Your Copy Now!

When the PS3 first launched in 2006, the price was outrageous, higher than any other gaming platform on the market. The 20GB model cost $499, while the 60GB was $599. Now there are multiple different GB capabilities, and the 320GB is only $445, a considerable drop compared to the original prices.

preorderOn May 31, 2011, Sony released the PS3 Call of Duty Black Ops Bundle, which includes the game, PS3 console, and controller—all for $299.99. This is a phenomenal deal compared to 2006 prices, and is guaranteed to sell more units.

So why all the price drops? Well, when the PS3 was first developed, Sony had to specially manufacturer the equipment, software, and hardware. This put them so deep into the red that profit wasn’t seen until the past two years.

Now where is that money going? Into the development of the PlayStation 4, which we shouldn’t expect for another year or two—at least.

PlayStation 4 Console, Remote and CameraCost for developing the PS4 will be dramatically lower than when Sony created the PS3, since the tools are already there. They just need to improve upon already great technology to create a best-seller, something fans will need to be happy for the next 15 years.

So what kind of price should we expect for the PS4 at its launch? Probably around $450 for the first year, but hopefully a little lower. As of now, it is hard to make an accurate guess, since we don’t know what kind of technology modifications they are going to add to the platform in able to make it legendary.

How much do you think it will cost, and how much should it cost?

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  1. I would purchase it for up to $400 provided it is backwards compatible with Ps3 AND PS2 games.

  2. i would pay around 500 fucking dollars for this because it might have a better motion gameing even though that is for pussy little girls everyone thinks they are hahalarious copying the WII and every sistym is nigger black now but i would pay some good money for it if it had a vcr and a kaset player built in.

  3. I would buy it at whatever price. I have owned every first generation playstation component and you know what every one still works. I put many, many, way too much hours on each system and they still run. I know people with later generations and it never lasted as long and always the first ones had more compatibilities. My 2 cents!

  4. Maybe 50 bucks more, cause the ps3 does do everything, so why should the ps4 be any different beside future shoter games and motions games? Ps3 does do that too,

  5. I think it is very possible that the Playstation 4 will redefine “everything” in terms of gaming.
    I find it unlikely the Playstation 4 would be only 50 dollars more than the Playstation 3… or that it will be comparable in graphics or processor.

  6. the first mod wont be cheap.. then i bet they bring out another version 6 months later at a more reasonable price.???

  7. i think sony is ruin us all, coz ps3 was launched some years ago, and now they want ps4? than ps3 will be forgotten as PS2 PS1 and other consoles. But anyway

  8. there will always be something new and faster down the road… Think about it, the Playstation 3 is more than a few years old. That means that the Playstation 3 is using older technology then what COULD be used. It is similiar to buying a computer every 6 years or so… 6 years can do a lot in terms of speeding up the processor, increasing the quality of graphics, as well as introducing new hardware all togther.

  9. I would pay no more than 400 bc what else can it do that ps3 cant for that much more money? And dont get me wrong i like my ps3

  10. nothink only ppl with the job centre have it cuz they cant afford the membershipe fr xbox lol

  11. I agree with Robb. I think you should give a few away! I love my ps3 but i would love to test the ps4. I have cancer so i don’t get out alot so i’m always playin ps3.

  12. My seven year old is waiting on the PS4, Hopefully it not too much….I’ll pay $500 because we are huge fans of Playstaion

  13. I think it would be worth around $400-450 only if it can play my ps2 and ps3 games, and save them. I have a ps3 and it can play ps2 games but not save them. I do not like that. I have a nintendo 3ds for crying out loud that can play and save all the previous generations games. What is better than that? Nothing I tell you, nothing.

  14. the last one I had was ps2, I wore that one out! I have never even considered xbox. I am hooked on Playstation. But I am disabled and we all know the Gov. is cheep! So I guess I’ll miss out on it from here on out. Have fun guys and girls, I’ll be sitting at home hateing you all! Seriously, enjoy!!


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