PlayStation 4 Possible Pricing


One may not know a lot about it, but one is surely expecting it the hopefully soon-to-be-released PlayStation 4. This new venture that Sony has said it will soon get into, has created a huge buzz in the gaming world. Technological advancements happen in the blink of the eye today, and something like the gaming world too is moving on that path of making it big, especially since the last PlayStation, the PS3, has long-old hardware and graphics specs compared to the ones in the market today.

In this race, Sony is about to take a huge step, but is it going to be worth it. Even though make Sony heads say the PS3 is still “in its primes,” gamers shake their head and want the next, soon. We know that, eventually, they’ll finally deliver a bigger and better PlayStation for the eighth-generation of video game consoles, no doubt; but how much will it cost us?

The estimated price of the PlayStation 4 is probably going to be between $499 and $1000. Originally when the PS3 released it was around $700; now, it costs $249. Sony has recognized their mistakes and knows they must produce the console at a cheaper affordability so that more gamers can purchase the new technology, or else suffer in sales (like the PS3 did).  Right now, the Xbox 360 is available for just $200, which means PlayStation needs to keep their eyes on the competitors rates to keep the audience interested. We do not yet know what the Wii U will be priced at (yet rumors say approximately $500-800), but that needs to be watched as well.

But how can Sony create a console with so many new features in the same price range? The choice thus lies on how it is featured and ranks it at such a high price. Also, there have been rumors of Sony trying to lower the initial cost price to purchase the console and to make up the other costs through extras, like games and accessories. If the final product for launch lives up and beyond the expectations of the people, it will be able to earn the money back, easy.

With such areas of considerations, all moves that are related to PlayStation 4 are closely looked upon. Not only are gaming world makers are interested in Sony’s expected launch, but game lovers too are keen to know what exactly they might get to witness next.

Well the market is ready to look at something new and hopefully breathtaking in terms of look and features, but its actual reception will determine the fate of Sony’s move in the gaming world. Hoping to go by the fact that PS4 also lives to the level set by the previous PlayStations, we can just wait and watch for the next sensation video game console Sony creates. Hopefully, though, this launch happens sooner rather than later, because gamers may just take their saved cash and splurge it on one of the competitors eighth-generation video game console.

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  1. Who care’s we all went out and got the ps12 and ps3
    All the gamers want is the ps4 and to get things at the same
    Time as xbox not two weeks later

  2. People lose sight of the fact the first was expensive in its day (299?). It would seem to be impossible to make a technologically superior console on the cheap, so Sony and SOE is going to have to rely on titles, DLC and the fairly new “free-to-play-pay-to-win” type of games. I think perspective on previous price points of all consoles ever released. I may be giving my old age away, but I remember my dad paying 500 for Pong in the 70’s and I’ve owned just about every console since.

    Oh and could Sony please integrate this thing with apps geared to make your TV a 21st century device? Outside of gaming, my Sony Blu Ray player I just purchased for 89 bucks is far better for streaming, skype, online audio and a thousand other things than the PS3 and with its processing power, that is a damn shame.

    Just 2 pennies from an old, old, old school gamer. 🙂


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