Playstation 4 Pictures (Sony PS4 Concept Art)

ps4 concept Level Magazine Cover
ps4 concept Level Magazine Cover

Below we have several Playstation 4 pictures and concept images, some of which were created on behalf of and some were found throughout the internet created by designers trying to create a name for themselves or by fans of the Playstation brand… In both cases there has been a lot of great art for created for the Playstation 4, and a lot of anticipation built… and the console is no where near even an official release announcement. Although recently the Playstation 4 has been acknowledged, not once but several times, by some of the big wigs over at Sony, making the Playstation 4 more than a dream. At this rate it could still be a few years before you find yourself ready to pre order your PS4… For now lets just dream, here are the Playstation 4 pictures. Have fun, and remember they are just concept and nothing official.
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  1. I like the silver ps4 with the ” NORMAL “controller design. please do not change the controller design. i also like the red an white one but i hate the controllers.

  2. I agree I like the silver one. Thats the best thing sony has done by keeping the controllers the same. Controller design is why I never bought a nintendo since the snes and same with xbox I just had the controller feel and look.

  3. i agree they should keep the controllers the same at least, other than that the systems themself look cool something new

  4. Ok. my initial tought was wow.. great designs of all.. but i dont really know about the controls…. somehow to me it seems that it should be lighter. and have a better design than those. the black round one had something there. but it wasnt quite right either,,, i could maby see some toutch sensitive buttons on the controller tho. i think it should have some lighting options as well on the controller.. to see when your in the dark playing.. i dont say everyone plays in the dark. but you feel more connected with the game that way.. nothing around you to disturb you from the game..

    I also like to pitch in an idea as well. the directional pads ( not the arrows) maby they should have some sort of scrolling motion. like round balls. with alittle force behind it so you dont scroll off. i dont know but thats just an idea i had lying around.

  5. i think sony should build on that u can see through and see wats inside. with durable glass or plastic that would be sweet

  6. plexi glass casing is the way to go,” built in fan” as well as led lighting “blue or red” that will have some heads turning. for the young gamers as well as the older gamers that are getting more involved these days. take care

  7. i like the round design ,i can handle any of them really ,but the paper thin controllers has got to go out the door ,i don’t have hands of a new born baby.

  8. I like them all, but please keep the old controller design. I really like the red ones and the one on the cover of that magazine! I might get this if I have any money left over after I get the PSP2. Unless this turns out to be cooler than the PSP2….

  9. i fink they shldnt change da disin i fink da heavy nd make da controler kinda heavy.nd oso have light seting like wen u wana have a bleu or green light on da cntroler u jus set the them colour wat do u fink

  10. The round ones look kinda of odd to be playing with i mean wheres the controllers?The glass one is kindaof impossible to play with and i like the winning concept design its about time sony change the controller!

  11. I was very interested in picking up a roku 2, except my PS3 got me thinking. The damn thing can stream almost any type of format, so why aren’t there more streaming apps on the thing?

  12. I Think The Best 1 Is The Mag Cover Version, All Of The Others Are Too Futuristic & Odd, Not Really Feasible, & The Red Controllers, Well, The Buttons Look Like Golf Balls Lol, I Mean What If U Don’t Like Golf Lol :P, The Round 1 Looks Cool, But Impractical, I Mean U Could Never Grip & Hold That Curved Controller Well, & As For Action Packed Game Play, It Would Be Sooo Tricky, I Love The Controller Design We Have ATM, But If Others Want A Different Design Then There Should Be Some Made As Extras, All The Pics Look Cool, But Not All I Would Love As The New PS4 :l 🙂

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