PlayStation 4 Overtakes Xbox One in Australia


Both consoles have been blooming around the world, according to the most reports though, the Xbox One was selling more units in Australia than the PlayStation 4 in the opening weeks. In the latest reports though it looks like the PlayStation 4 has overtaken the Xbox One in yet another region as they say it’s the most popular console in Australia.

Sony said in a press release that now that stocks are looking a little better in Australia, the PS4 has officially overtaken the Xbox One in overall sales in the region to date. With the sales numbers being counted from the November launch up to February 2nd.

The situation of the consoles in the region seems a bit odd. Most reports that we have seen suggested that the PS4 had had more pre orders than the Xbox One, but because of the shortage of stock the PS4 was having, it enabled Microsoft to take the lead early. Not the PS4 units are heading over to Australia more often, the PS4 appears to be showing its full strength.

Although this does not mean that the Xbox One isn’t selling well, because it is. Normally when one console is doing well it tends to hurt the sales of the other, but in this generation’s console wars it doesn’t seem to be the case. Which looks like a good thing for the future of gaming.



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