PlayStation 4 Nears Release in Japan


The day that the Sony gamers in Japan have been waiting for is almost here. Its February 21st in Japan and that means only one thing: the PlayStation 4 is less than 24 hours away from its release. Gamers cannot wait to get their hands on their brand new PlayStation 4 consoles; and to check out the special launch event that Sony has put together because of the late release of the console in the region.

The PlayStation 4 was released months ago in other regions, but the gamers from its home region got a sour deal as they had no choice but to wait for the console until its February 22nd release. Sony said that the main reason for the delay was because they wanted to provide software that would “appeal to Japanese audiences,” but analysts say that the reason Sony pushed back their Japan release was so that they could focus on regions like North America and Europe where the PlayStation 4 competes directly with Microsoft’s Xbox One. Knowing that they would never lose the battle to Microsoft on their home turf, and with the other competitor, Nintendo, really just barely making it through the 2013 year, Sony found themselves in a position that they hadn’t before, where they told their home fans to just wait a little while before they got their brand new console.

But finally the day is almost here, on February 22nd, 2014; Japan will join the rest of the world and the PlayStation 4 will officially be fully global. Sony already has 5.3 million units sold, they are off to a great start with their latest console and if we go by the large numbers of preorders in Japan, it will be a cleanup there as well.



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