PlayStation 4 – More than just a First Person Shooter Console?


The PlayStation 4 is in the pipeline to be released during the holiday season this year. According to the latest news, Sony is eager to tell gamers that the PS4 is designed to offer fun in more ways than just shooting.

There is no denying about the importance and thrill offered by shooters. However, there are many other ways to gaming, and Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida says that Sony doesn’t want the PS4 to be recognized as a way for enjoying just first-person shooting. It is because of this commitment that Knack, based on a cartoon-like platform, was selected to be the first title to be displayed during PS4’s revealing event.

Yoshida said that it was done intentionally. The console maker doesn’t want to see all the games on PS4 to be first-person shooters or action adventures. Even though, most of them are some of the biggest games on the market and gamers like them, but Yoshida claims that there are many other types of games that can give fun to people. The message from Sony’s Worldwide Studios seems to be a message to all the publishers and developers about PS4’s capabilities.

playstation4remoteassistanceAt the reveal, Sony displayed footage of Watch Dogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall and many other big titles. Yoshida said that the performance and technology of the hardware are extremely important, but the main focus doesn’t just include the hardware. He added that when the 5 basic concepts of PlayStation 4’s designs are explored, none of them are based on hardware. The 5 principles are based on how gamers experience, use, enjoy games, the network functions and software features.

Showcasing Knack during the reveal of PS4 was a surprising or a mysterious move. The game is currently under development by Sony’s Studio Japan. Sony chose the game for the revealing despite Knack not having enough to push the new console to its limits. The game was developed to be something of a Crash Bandicoot for the new console.

the-witness-screenshot (18)Sony appears to have been trying to bring this point home among independent developers to create their games for the existing consoles that have been successful. It would be worthwhile to wait for the current attempt and see if it would help PS4 to leave the Xbox 720 behind.

The PlayStation 4 is the second 8th generation game console that has been confirmed in the industry. Sony has already made things easier for game developers by using the x86-64 instruction set for PS4. It makes game development easy for both small and large developers.

The PlayStation 4 would have an 8 GB GDDR5 RAM and an AMD Radeon GPU. It would have a new controller, the DualShock 4. The GPU would have 18 compute units that would produce 1.84 TFLOPS top performances. The RAM would have a peak bandwidth of around 176 GB/s. Relatively, the bandwidth in PlayStation 3 is 16 times lower. All these features would ensure that PS4 would remain on the market for a longer duration compared to the previous PlayStations.



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