PlayStation 4 Live Stream Announces PS4 Release


The rumors that followed the weeks and days before the much-vaunted 20th February announcement when Sony Computer Entertainment launched its next-generation of video games has been laid to rest, but not many people were able to watch the PlayStation 4 Live Stream.

In case you are among those who were unable to watch the live stream of PlayStation 4 when it was hot, there is hope for you because you can still watch all the events that took place. Before you proceed to seek ways to watch the PlayStation 4 live stream, I would like to give you a tip of the things that transpired at that event.

On Wednesday, 6 P.M. EST. of the D-day, Sony Computer Entertainment and group CEO Andrew House mounted the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios in New York and joined to unveil the name of the Sony’s next-gen console.

playstation 4 streamingThe first thing that strike most gamers was his statement that Sony’s “most powerful platform ever” would allow worlds to come live with greater fidelity and intensity than ever before. This statement actually wetted the appetite of viewers to expect more. House went further to note that ease of access regardless of location or device has remained a priority in the system’s development.

Andrew House while stating that Sony was eager to enable developers maximize ‘new business models’ that would aid more flexibility, he stated thus: “Our vision for the future is consumer centric and developer inspired.”

With greater assurance of quality product and services, the Lead PS4 system architect, Mark Cerny mounted the stage and said that they wanted to ensure that nothing comes between the player, the platform and the game. Thus, he said that the main goal of Sony was to architect a system that would support a breath of experiences.

tIt is noteworthy that PlayStation 4, with 8GB unified system memory, houses a highly enhanced PC GPU that contains a unified collection of 18 compute units generating about 1.84 Teraflops of processing power which can be very applicable to graphics, simulation tasks or even a fusion of the two. Also, PS4 is centered on a great custom chip with about x86-64 cores and fine graphics processor.

The overhyped PS4 controller, DualShock 4 which is supposed to contain most of the rumored features of PlayStation 4 was flaunted at the event. It is expected to offer improved rumble and reduced latency, a touchpad, a headphone and a new button that will aid recording of screenshots or gameplay. While saying that PS4 will support cross-game chat, Cerny said: “Our goal is to make the sharing of video on PS4 as popular as the sharing of screenshots is today.

I particularly had a swelling moment watching the live stream of PlayStation 4. There is much to be enjoyed in the PlayStation Live Stream. I will leave it at this point to enable you make the move.



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