PlayStation 4 Kills the Xbox One in US Sales in January


According to retail data tracked by NPD, the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in the US last month. Sony announced that the PS4 was the top selling console in January and it is still the top selling consoles worldwide, but they did not release the number of units sold.

Guy Longworth, PlayStation SVP, said that the PS4 sold twice as many consoles as its “nearest next gen competitor”, which we will assume is the Xbox One. PS Marketing VP John Koller said via the PlayStation Blog that since launch on November 15th “We have sold every PS4 unit available in the US.”

Microsoft said they are choosing to focus on their software rather than revealing hardware numbers this month. With 2.7 million games sold the company captured 47% of marketshare in the US.

January brings a good month to compare the console sales as it is the first non-holiday month that the consoles have been on available.

Both Microsft and Sony can probably expect a sales bump in the coming times as the PS4 will be released in its hometown of Japan and the much anticipated Titanfall will be coming to Xbox One.



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