PlayStation 4 Is In High Demand and PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders are Climbing

PlayStation 4 Console

Even though Sony just revealed the new PlayStation 4, next-gen console, the game console has already become so popular and high in demand that almost a million people around the world have signed up to know about the device. According to GameStop’s Tony Bartel, the website has received more than 900,000 enthusiasts who have registered for PS4 first-to-know list. According to Bartel, his experience says that this time the demand is going to simply outperform the console’s supply on launching.

preorderEveryone in the gaming industry is mesmerized about this huge demand for PlayStation 4. One reason many claim is the amount of time PS 3 took for getting off the ground. On its own end, the PlayStation 3 is expected to become the No. 1in global sales even though the U.S. market is dominated by the Xbox 360.

PlayStation 4 ConsoleSony is expected to be in a difficult position to supply enough PS4 units for filling up the demand. According to a poll conducted by GameStop, more than 34% of people want to purchase a PlayStation 4 during its launch. GameStop is one of the largest game retailers in the world. Bartel also revealed that Sony may go ahead with a global launch of PS4 in 2013.

Sony had officially unveiled its new console a few months ago and had said that they would be launching it in North America in 2013, probably close to the fall or winter. Additional releases from Sony claim that the new console would have a massive hard drive and a headset. Its controllers could be charged when the system enters the standby mode.

Claimed to have 8GB GDDR5 RAM and an x86-64 based 8-core CPU and AMD Radeon based GPU, the PlayStation 4 has been termed as a “supercharged PC.” As global sales of Wii U decline and come down to a crawling pace, experts are questioning why the PS4 is in so high demand. One answer to this question is that Sony continues to be a highly popular name in both the U.S. and Japan. People buy Sony’s products just because the name is trusted around the world.

PlayStation 4 CameraHowever, it is also said that it is simply unfair to put up the PS4 against the WiiU.The latter is hardly an updated alternative to the PlayStation 3. It is more or less a catch-up device, a segment that has never really performed in history. On the other hand, the PS4 is a high-power device that is sought by each and every hardcore gamer.

One indication of the huge demand for Sony PlayStation 4 is that even though it is apparent that the future of gaming is gradually shifting to smart deices, console gamers continue to prefer enjoying their games on consoles. Experts believe that this is not going to change in the near future, and by launching the most powerful console yet, Sony is making the most out of it.

Interestingly, industry experts and critics claim that console gaming has yet a long way to go and deliver the promise that has always been hoped for by gamers. That Sony has pushed the limits significantly over the current generation consoles is a big welcome by these gamers who are vying to grab hold of the new PlayStation.



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