PlayStation 4 Going to India Today

PlayStation 4 Going to India Today

Sony has already started its Asian releases, beating out Xbox One once again. Today on the 18th of December there will be yet another PS4 market expansion. The PlayStation 4 will be available in India.

Sony is moving away from Cell architecture with this console, cell architecture was developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM but many game developers complained that it was too difficult to make games for the PS3 with such a complicated architecture. So Sony moved back to AMD on the PS4 to make its developers happy and make it easier for them to develop games on their new console.

PS4 first launched on November 15th in the US followed by Europe, Australia and UAE. The Indian launch of the console is scheduled ahead of Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. The console has done well so far with over 2.1 million consoles sold worldwide so far and its only just pass a month being released.

The price of the console is India is currently unknown.



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