New PlayStation 4 Glitch Deletes Game from Library

New PlayStation 4 Glitch Deletes Game from Library

The next generation of gaming has now taken over the gaming industry. Both consoles are performing great and they have millions of units sold. Microsoft and Sony are both working to manufacture millions of consoles to try to overcome the shortage of stock that they have been having. This shortage of stock and possible rushing, leaves some units with minor flaws. There has been some reports about a PlayStation 4 glitch that causes games to disappear on their own from the console’s game library.

According to a reddit user, his games were automatically being deleted from the PlayStation 4 gaming library. He said:

“This morning Killzone was missing from my system after only playing it 2 days ago and seeing it on my system last night while playing Outlast. After initializing the console last month I thought it had fixed the issue but it seems not. There are no error messages or anything to suggest there is a problem with the console.”

It would appear that he was not the only one that was having a problem with this glitch on his PS4 console. The bug has also been reported by a few other users on reddit. According to the users the game is downloaded and installed normally but when the console is booted from a previous shutdown the game disappears. They are also saying that they do not lose save data for their games, the save files are still there only the games’ data files are being deleted by this glitch.

We have not had an official statement from Sony yet regarding this glitch, we will post something as soon as we do.



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