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Welcome to the Playstation 4 games page, we will be constantly updating this page with more games and information as it becomes available. View current Playstation 4 game information by clicking on a game title or icon below.

assassins creed 4 logo1 Playstation 4 Games

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

(Coming December 31, 2013)

Battlefield 4 logo1 Playstation 4 Games

Battlefield 4

(Coming October 29, 2013)

blacklight retribution logo Playstation 4 Games

Blacklight: Retribution

(Available on PC, Coming to PS4 Holiday 2013)

call of duty ghosts logo Playstation 4 Games

Call of Duty: Ghosts

(Coming November 5, 2013)

cyperpunk 2077 screenshot 91 Playstation 4 Games

Cyberpunk 2077

(Release Date TBA 2014-2015)

deep down icon Playstation 4 Games

Deep Down (Working Title)

(Release Date TBA)

destiny icon Playstation 4 Games


(Coming June 30, 2014)

diablo 3 icon Playstation 4 Games

Diablo 3

(Release Date TBA)

dragon age iii inquisition logo Playstation 4 Games

Dragon Age III: Inquisition

(Release Date TBA 2013)

>driveclub icon Playstation 4 Games


(Coming November 15, 2013)

Dying Light logo Playstation 4 Games

Dying Light

(Coming March 31, 2014)

fifa 14 logo Playstation 4 Games


(Coming September 24, 2013)

final fantasy xv logo Playstation 4 Games

Final Fantasy XV

(Release Date TBA)

Human Element Logo Playstation 4 Games

Human Element

(Coming Holiday 2013)

infamous second son icon Playstation 4 Games

Infamous Second Son

(Coming December 31, 2013)

just dance 2014 logo Playstation 4 Games >

Just Dance 2014

(Coming December 31, 2013)

killzone shadow fall icon Playstation 4 Games

Killzone Shadow Fall

(Coming November 15, 2013)

Kingdom Hearts III Logo Playstation 4 Games

Kingdom Hearts III

(Release Date TBA)

knack icon Playstation 4 Games


(Coming November 15, 2013)

mad max logo Playstation 4 Games

Mad Max

(Coming December 31, 2014)

madden nfl 25 logo Playstation 4 Games

Madden NFL 25

(Coming December 31, 2013)

metrolastlight logo Playstation 4 Games

Metro: Last Light

(Coming Holiday 2013)

nba live 14 logo2 Playstation 4 Games

NBA 14

(Coming December 31, 2013)

needforspeed rivals logo Playstation 4 Games

Need for Speed Rivals

(Coming December 31, 2013)

primal carnage screenshots 1 Playstation 4 Games

Primal Carnage: Genesis

(Release Date TBA)

rocketbirds 2 evolution logo Playstation 4 Games

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

(Coming Holiday 2013)

skylanders swap force logo Playstation 4 Games

Skylanders SWAP Force

(Coming November 15, 2013)

images Playstation 4 Games

Sniper Elite 3

(Coming 2014)

the crew logo Playstation 4 Games

The Crew

(Coming February 26, 2014)

the elder scrolls online logo Playstation 4 Games

The Elder Scrolls Online

(Coming December 31, 2014)

the evil within logo Playstation 4 Games

The Evil Within

(Coming December 31, 2014)

last of us logo Playstation 4 Games

The Last of Us

(Coming Holiday 2013)

the order 1886 logo Playstation 4 Games

The Order: 1886

(Coming Holiday 2013)

the witcher 3 14 Playstation 4 Games

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

(Coming 2014)

the winess icon Playstation 4 Games

The Witness

(Coming Holiday 2013)

thief logo 400x300 Playstation 4 Games


(Coming February 25, 2014)

tom clancy the division logo Playstation 4 Games

Tom Clancy’s The Division

(Coming December 31, 2014)

ufc logo Playstation 4 Games


(Coming December 31, 2014)

war thunder logo Playstation 4 Games

War Thunder

(Coming Holiday 2013)

watch dogs icon Playstation 4 Games

Watch Dogs

(Coming December 31, 2013)

wolfenstein the new order logo Playstation 4 Games

Wolfenstein: The New Order

(Coming March 31, 2014)

We are all anticipating the PlayStation 4 and the games it will bring, since that is what the console is all about. We know that the PS4 will bring new possibilities with games, such as 3D and better motion-sensing technology. What other features and games will we see in the eighth-generation video game console?

Social Features

Some of the hottest features of the Playstation 4 games include the social aspects. The social aspects are evidence of several incredible advances from the Playstation team. The new Playstation 4 controller features a share button that allows users to instantly post to Facebook, or share video clips from game play… creating a whole new level of social interaction.

Some games will offer more social interaction than others, many of the Playstation 4 games will make it possible for live game spectating. This is going to bring a whole new level to clan and club types games. Giving the ability for players to not only watch you play live, if allowed, they will also be able to chat with you and in some instances even take over the controller to facilitate remote play.

Game Graphics

During the Playstation 4 unveiling Sony went to great lengths to talk about the new hardware capabilities and how game developers would be able to create the most eye pleasing graphics of all time…

One impressive example of the amazing capabilities of the Playstation 4 was demonstrated through Quantic, a game developed by Heavy Rain, which will feature game characters encompassing more than 30,000 polygons… Delivering the most photo realistic game play, ever. Check out the video below that was released by Sony to show off just some of the graphic capabilities.

These stunning graphics are brought to life through the use of a “supercharged” x86 processor and eight gigabytes of Ram. With all of that power teamed up with a top of the line graphics processor we are anxious to see more amazing game footage. Here is another great trailer showing off the capabilities of the Playstation 4, this is from the new Killzone.

Game Trials

An amazing feature that will be available for the Playstation 4 games is that, you will be able to try any game before you buy. One of the strong points made by Playstation spoke people was the focus on gamers only having to purchase games they enjoyed, and finally being capable of sampling or sharing any game with their friends.

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  1. You xbox fanboys are so dumb coming here to drop your stupid comments. Oh wow a star map bonus for destiny on xbox 1 like that makes it better than ps4 version. Those who would buy a system from company that tried to screw them over and require 24 hour internet on system and drm is plain stupid. Sony is way better company. Sony is learning from their mistakes but MS seems to try to put in those bad policies under your nose

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