Playstation 4 Games will be possibly easier to Develop


There has been a lot of talk from developers for the Playstation 3 regarding the complexity and cost effective methods of developing a game for the console… not much of it was positive. It turns out the development kit for the Playstation 3 was likely the consoles biggest fault, to develop a Playstation 3 game was so complex few developers were able to fulfill their original concepts. This is something that troubled the guys at Sony.

Playstation 4 Concept Design

When the development of the Playstation Move began, Sony worked hand in hand with many developers (Worldwide Studios most prominently). The goal was to come up with an easier platform for which developers could create games for the Playstation Move, and they did just that. The Playstation Move games that have been launched so far display a greater player experience through the use of higher quality graphics and more in depth game play than any other motion controlled gaming system (or add-on) available.

Sony has recognized the importance in offering a stable, efficient, and easy to use game developer platform… and is said to be working with game developers now on creating an easy to use game development platform for the Playstation 4.

Playstation 4 concept runner up
Playstation 4 concept runner up

Speaking with Games Industry, Shuhei Yoshida mentions that this type of change and relationship with the developers will make creating amazing and profitable games much more accessible to developers… and will increase the entire gaming experience for all Playstation gamers. Playstation 4 game developers working on the Playstation 4 games as well as the software in which the games are created, only makes sense.

It is rumored that game developers are working with Sony on such an intimate level that some of the game developers are ALREADY working with (or on) thee Playstation 4 OS. This is entirely new in the gaming world and will without a doubt help lead the Playstation 4 into the next of the console wars. The ability for developers to (more) easily, quickly and efficiently develop Playstation 4 games will result in a greater number of games at a greater quality for everyone involved… The ability to create engaging games is what keeps the developers and the gamers loving Playstation, but it looks like the Playstation 4 may take it to a whole other level.

PLAYSTATION 4 concept by darpan aero
PLAYSTATION 4 concept by darpan aero

With all of the technology that is being released to consumers at an ever increasing rate it is still hard to assume what the Playstation 4 will look like or be capable of… The recent addition of the Playstation Move completely changed what would have been expected from the Playstation 4 only a few months ago… And we are nearing another big change for Playstation gamers, 3d games.

The introduction of 3DTV will bring to life a whole new type of gaming experience. “It’s definitely a challenge to look at all of the games and all of the resources that we’ve got, and make sure that we’re supporting all of the important initiatives that we have, be it PlayStation Move or 3DTV” Shuhei Yoshida. This is one of the better problems to have and certainly opens up the need for the next generation Playstation console.

The introduction of so much for the Playstation consoles and ease of  game developing experience is something that is going to bring Playstation to the number 1 console for many more years to come.


  1. Whats with the different controllers!!!??? I love the controllers now! Why change something that doesnt have a problem!? If its not broke dont fix it! Improve the controllers but dont change the style!

  2. for the dualshock 4, it would be nice for sony to be making major eurgenomic chsnges to the controller, the dualshock 3 feels tiny in the hand, and it doesn’t use real triggers

  3. I have never owned another system and do not plan on it but I hope the new PS4 will allow you listen to music while you play the game…

  4. I really hope they do not go the 3d way because 3d isn’t really all that exciting. I really hope they just improve on the life of the playstation and the actual servers breaking down. In doing this also using there resources they already have to there advantage. The ps3 is great but the ps4 has to be even better.

  5. i hope they can the color of the consol. like the white and red ps4 looks cool….better consol style would be great

  6. don’t like the console colors, don’t like the controllers. trash everything u have right now and redo it.. come on guys lets revolutionize gaming. I love PS because its free online, only reason I stay with Sony is because online is free if you change that you lose me as a customer until u go back to free…

  7. doesn’t playstation has more design like in colour maybe blue,gold,orange etc i m sure it does but not 100% sure about this question????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

  8. The ps4 is gonna be great but I would like to have diffrent controller designs. The red and white one looks too thin, like it will break easy and the cresent one just looks kinda wierd but there not bad and all of the games should not be 3D just make two of the same game ,one 3D and the other not 3D, so that the ps4 buyers that dont want the game to be 3D wont have to play it in 3D. Or they can have a option to play it in 3D without having to go out and but a seperat game for that reason. I think that playing in 3D all of the time will hurt ur eyes. Well the ps4 is gonna be awsome so keep at it.

  9. i just got the ps3, im not going to go back to wall-mart or gamestop to buy another gaming system thats going to cost me hundreds of dollars

  10. Looks sweet. Can’t wait till it comes out. Keep the red&white for the system, but only please change the controller though. Keep the controller’s like the playstation 3’s controller.

  11. I care more about the function than looks of the console, however I like a clean looking entertainment center. All of my components, tv, speakers, etc are black. I will not stick a red and white box on my cabinet. Keep a simple modern design, as it is now. If the control buttons are changed (placement, order), it will p*ss alot of people off including myself. I would assume there will be no compatibility with ps3 games since the format will be different. I would need a promotion with some new games of my choice to shell out the money to upgrade.

  12. I agree 110% with Joel…whatever you do Sony, don’t change the controller shape! It is a very comfortable and allows for natural holding postion with easy reach for all the buttons. It also is strong shape that can withstand being dropped.
    There might have been hiccups in other area’s of the PS3, but Sony Playstation controller’s have been BULLETPROOF since the start of the Playstation gaming systems.

  13. the ps4 controllers are a upgrade from japans ps3 system i almost got a japanese ps3 but its ttoooo expensive

  14. Since there was an earthquake in japan it’s going to hold the development of PS4 because mostly it develops by Japanese programmers

  15. why are there so many designs of this thing that look nothing like a playstation? have they ever changed their controller? i dont think they are going to now. and i hope they dont. the console on the other hand i think will be the smallest and most powerful peice of equipment they have ever produced. sony in general that is. not just playstation.

  16. plays station 4 should be use the credit card system for
    this design because it will make it easier to buy the
    game or applikasinya, plays station 4 design with a
    credit card is much better because to buy the game
    live enter a credit card into the plays statin 4 this will
    be the plays station four credit cards better

  17. i think ps4 should leave online gaming free, make 3d game optional, leave the pad design just update its looks, redesign the console, but no ufo consoles, optional colours would be good, leave the blu ray alone, its a great extra, and show us the future of gaming, gaming today can be excellent at times, wats the next step?


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