Possible Playstation 4 Games Under Development

PS 4 Games

There has been a lot of talk online recently regarding the Playstation 4 and that there are wide spread reports of the development of the Playstation 4 games. The first of these reports came from Game Informer in Australia, but since then the internet has been buzzing with Playstation 4 rumors and news.

PS 4 Games

The development of the Playstation 4 games, coming right on the heels of the launch of the Playstation Move says a lot about how busy the guys at Sony have been! There is so much going on with the Playstation right now, there are literally millions of gamers at the edge of their seat just waiting to see what is next. The success of the Playstation Move, and possibly all motion gaming for Playstation, will come down to the quality of the Playstation Move games… and the games for the Move are looking great!

Playstation 4 Console 3 Color Concept

It is very likely that the Playstation 4 games will be in development for at least a couple of years before the launch of the Playstation 4 console… This is a classic tactic to ensure that once the Playstation 4 console is ready for distribution there will already be an extended PS 4 game line up.

Sony P S4 Concept Design
Playstation 4 concept runner up
Playstation 4 concept runner up

There is very little information available on the Playstation 4, and it is still early in the wait for the console…

Just as it is still too early to be able to answer any of the important Playstation 4 console or game questions, such as:

  • How much will the Playstation 4 cost?
  • When will the Playstation 4 be released?
  • What will the Playstation 4 be capable of?
  • What will the Playstation 4 look like?
  • Will the Playstation 4 have Blu-Ray?
  • Will the Playstation 4 offer motion controlled gaming?

There are a ton of questions left to be answered, and even a bunch we have yet to ask about the Playstation 4… So we are turning to you the reader, let us know what you think the Playstation 4 will be like, and what you expect from a next generation gaming system.

With more and more information coming available all of the time it is important as a gamer to keep coming back and checking for updates, the Playstation 4 will take the gaming world by storm and is something every gamer will want to be apart of from the very beginning! So, take a moment and sign up for the SonyPS4.com newsletter now and know that when information becomes available you will be one of the first to hear about it.


  1. I loved the bowling game for the Wii. If PS4 has a multiplayer version of bowling for leagues you can triple the number of forcasted buyers of the PS4.

  2. People still say they are saving up for a ps3????.. that is dumb.. I have not met a single Xbox user who has not already purchased at least 2 xboxes already.. not to mention all the overpriced accessories “$140” for a motion control camera vs $80 for PS3 motion controllers. Grow up and look at price vs what you get.. it is worth it to buy a ps3. I will be in line for a PS4 and I am already saving up for it right now 😀

  3. As a man who was brought up on playstation HINT! X BOX SUCKS! I’ve owned every consule. I see you guys are inventing a new consule the playstation4. I was thinking,you guys should take the Playstation 4 concept runner up controller and use it for the ps4 concept design.

  4. Hearing some of the news concerning the ps4 it all sounds very impressive, the graphics and general technology of this system should be something to see. Gta5 would be, in my opinion, an excellent game to come out with the ps4. New enhanced graphics bringing in that realistic quality, splattered brains on the wall or perhaps an innocent civilian suffering from a good ol’ compound fracture, I think being able to break bones would really take AI interaction to the next level. Much thought and precision as well as a creative mind should be present in the gaming process, when you cut someone they bleed from the given wound if u push an old women down the stairs she could break her neck, these things should be thought of. Stealth capabilities should also be a part of gta5, walking up behind someone and sliting their throught or injecting them with a sedative so you can throw them in ur car and hold them for ransom or hack em to pieces if that’s your bag. Realistic and interactive seasonal whether. Walking into any building or home, stealing and money making. Managing your own crime organization, compete with the best at doing wrong. This system should be capable of these things without a doubt, there doesn’t have to be any children running around (this is being constantly brought up by gamers and frankly i don’t see it happening) but these next gen games should deffinately be taken to the next level — creatively, artistically, realistically and AI intelligently advanced.

  5. hey!!!!!!!!! what is the release date of ps4 ..???? i dont care how much will it cost ,, just waant to know ,, whats its release date !!!!!!! plz tell me … in which month ps4 will be released ??? year ? month ?

  6. How much will PS4 cost, with this economy its tough out there man, so PS4 should be affordable if its to be successful in outdoing PS3 in sales over the years. Also PS4 should have a POWERFUL CPU with at least 4 GHz preferably 6 GHz if its to compete with GAMING PCS now ah days..

  7. the concept runner up is an ugly design….no offense but when im playing a game i dont want to b tempted to try and wear my controler and run around like im on star treck…the original controllers were the best design ever…i know everybody is trying to put more stuff into somethin more sleek in design but making something that is a circle is bot as good of an idea than you would think cause itd be to easy to lose and easy to break…..so in my opinion use the first design and dont make it as expensive as the ps3.

  8. if ur developing a plastation 4 it better b so incredible that people buy it we need a system that uses our bodys as controlers insted of those hand held things we use now i mean come on i play cod all the time and get so pissed off that i cant just take my hand and point it at the screan and pull my triger finger to shoot someone and what the hell we only get to use our fingers to play these games come out with a vr gaming system already the tech is their yea the systems will b a little more expencive but come on u cant tell me that every kid isnt gana save up their money to but the ultemate gaming system just come out with the system already even if u half to make visors to play people will deffenatly still buy it i mean i remember back a few years ago i would play my vr baseball games and racing games just put better motion sensors into the visor so that it will register that ur lookin side to side and up and down the only reason those systems didnt last was because they couldnt have multiple games with the same system really come on guys it would even eliminate the need to take up a tv so that the kids that r playing their games dont piss off their parents when they ask all the time to play the system on the living room tv im sure that every person that plays video games would buy one and with people that dont play online but play with their friends their would be no screen peaking just make the vr gaming system so we can actualy see who has skill in the videogames and who doesnt i know that the tech is their so shut up and make it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Am I the only person not happy about the PS4 coming out? I bought a PS3 in 2009 with Uncharted 2(the best game of all time) and now do they really need this? I don’t care about graphics and all the new features like 3D gaming, I just want something to do when I’m board and talk play with my friends but of course all my friends will have the PS4 leaving me have to buy it. I don’t like games unless it is a masterpiece or I’m playing with my friend. I know this won’t change anything but I’m really not happy about the PS4. I think SONy should let people buy system updates instead like enhanced graphics. That sounds more like a next-generation console. PS4 for me= 🙁

  10. I reckon the PS4 won hit stores for atleast another four years. With new gadgets like PS Move and rrecord-selling games still being produced Sony would be crazy to bring the new console as PS3’s would die down (remember the craze about the PS2 when everyone was saying it was the greatest console ever?) well we dont see that anymore do we? There still tens if not hundreds of million to be made for the ps3 so milk i for all they can and then move on.

    Just my opinion.

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