Possible PlayStation 4 Games List


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With an expected PlayStation 4 release date for 2013-2014, it is most likely that PlayStation 4 games will start developing very soon. But what kind of games can we expect, and what can we hope to see?

We can safely assume that 3D gaming will be available, since the announcement of the PlayStation 3D Monitor. Sony confirmed that 100 titles will release over the next few years that will be compatible to 3D gaming and the split-screen to full-screen possibilities of the 3D display.

The SCEE VP James Armstrong also said that, in the future, he expects the games to be more accessible, and include women in their target audience. Consoles like Wii already consider women in their target audience, and Facebook apps have proven that women are coming over to the video gaming world.

preorderWhile it’s true some women like shooters (like me), the ratio of men and women playing PS3 video games is far, far apart. But does this mean games will be like Sims, or like “makeovers”? Personally, it’d be a great idea for Sony to start using more central female characters for games, especially multi-player online ones, as well as the “girly-girl” games. Maybe the games releasing for the PS Vita will give us a hint!

Another obvious conclusion is that the PS Move will be involved in many more games, with more capabilities and accuracy then over before.

What do you expect to see for PlayStation 4 games?

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  1. PS4 if it exists will be based on a PowerPC solution that IBM would have had to be developing in secret for Sony for years now. Video card will have to support DX11 or similar API with transparent shader support. Crossplatform integration of all Sony devices will be a primary focus: everything from Vita/tablets/PS phone to PS3 peripherals to 3d television tech. Primary Launchboard for the Blu-Ray digital deployment as well.

    I dunno, it seems like an awful lot of stuff, and I don’t think Sony really has that sort of infrastructure or market penetration of associated devices to make a PS4 release make sense. There is also no way the ps4 will released in 2012 if it wasn’t even teased at E3 this year…

  2. I think that Mm will come out with a LittleBigPlanet 3, and it will have even more tools like calculation components and tweakers. I’m really excited. I think if they can pull this off, it’ll be like PONG to cavemen. If there is virtual reality i’ll be totally psyched too.

  3. Wat colors are yall going to release for the ps4? An will it be able to play music while you play the game? If so that will be cool plus i’m hearing that it has a 3D projector.

  4. im a xbox 360 guy but when the ps4 comes out im getting it because xbox720 going to bomb and plus alot of my freinds are getting it but i will miss halo


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