Playstation 4 Game Streaming – A revolutionized future for game play

PlayStation 4 Supercharged PC Architecture

Background of making the super gaming console

Sony has created an anticipation and excitement amongst the game lovers by announcing its upcoming technologically matchless Playstation 4, a video gaming console, and its newest feature: Game Streaming. It is designed and created as the descendant of the PlayStation series. Facts state that development of this 8th generation of Playstation 4 was initiated back in the year 2008 and finally is introduced to the world via an official announcement to its effect on 20th Feb, 2013 in New York. This gaming console is the current buzz of speculations and anticipation amongst the gaming masses.

Technological architecture and configuration

playstation 4 streamingThe looks of the console are still a surprise for the world at large; however several enhanced features are being made known. Using the 8 core processor compatibility, particularly x86-64, it will make a mark amongst its competitors, as it makes use of the platform which is popularly used within the latest designs of personal computers. It also utilizes the APU based on semi custom designs and are built by AMD in association with Sony.  This uniquely developed APU includes memory controller, video decoder, GPU, CPU in a sole chip, which is similar to the chips that are used in PC configurations.

The surprise element successfully held back

Playstation 4 is expected to evolve as the fastest and dominant gaming network around the globe. Sony Entertainment has definitely captured the attention of the gamer world by showcasing the graphical experience for the users, but still holding back any details of the actual console itself. Similarly, the price of the gaming console is held back as a surprise element which is expected to be revealed along with the actual launch of PS4 gaming console around the 4th quarter of 2013.

tReal time Streaming giving an extra edge to the gaming experience

Streaming is announced as one of the vital features of this power pact PS4 gaming console. Playstation 4 Game Streaming will make use of the cloud based services for streaming. This technology belongs to Gaikai, the company acquired and owned by Sony. It will enable to stream games to PS4 from its previous counterparts Playstation, PS1, PS2 and PS3. The feature of sharing screen shots of the in – game sequence will soon be a technology of the past. The gamers will be enabled to share entire games along with their friends. Players may pass on the control to their friends online when seeking help for escaping from tough game situations.

Players will also experience the new façades for sharing their videos to websites, Ustream and Facebook. The technology is supposed to be efficiently resourceful for users by enabling them to instantly try and experience almost anything before actually buying, and similarly allows one to play while the game is still downloading. The cloud technology is supposed to be the central key functioning for the PS4 console, a technology employed to its optimum usage.

Though the wait for the actual console is long, it is expected to be fruitful and satisfying with respect to the hi-end gaming experience.

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