Playstation 4 Game Art – WW2 Era


This is obviously a parody but we thought it would be fun. We have taken 5 of our most anticipated games from the Playstation 4 and we have created CONCEPT/FAN ART for the games covers. These are not the real game covers, these are not real game cover art… but we think they are fun anyways.

The concept was simple, the 5 most anticipated Playstation 4 games, as though they were produced during the start of the “Post War” ear. Now of course these are not 100% accurate, the whole dea is that they are fun. Let us know what you think, and if you are an artist that would like to submit art and have it displayed on the #1 Playstation 4 site let us know here.

Assassins Creed – Black Flag (Assassins Creed Page)

Assasins Creed Black Flag - Classic Poster

Drive Club (Drive Club Page)

Drive Club - Classic Poster

Madden NFL 25 (Madden NFL 25 Page)

Madden NFL 25 - Classic Poster

War Thunder (War Thunder Page)

War Thunder - Classic Poster

Watch Dogs (Watch Dogs Page)

Watch Dogs - Classic Poster

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