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Your number one PS4 resource site has gotten even better! In addition to the constantly updated information and amazing offers we provide we have now opened up the Playstation 4 Forum! Click the link below to join the forum now for the most up to date discussions.

The Playstation 4 forum is a new community an we are looking for all Playstation gamers to join and ask anything you would like to know about the Playstation 4, or to share videos rumors or just about anything else. The Playstation 4 forum will be the number one Playstation 4 community and have the most up to date information available anywhere, information for gamers by gamers.

The Playstation 4 Forum also has forums available for the other Playstation 4 consoles and games, including PS Move gaming advice, as well as a general talk section… Imagine a place where gamers can share honest reviews and opinions on anything Playstation… That is the Forum.

There is just so much to talk about…

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  1. I’m absolutely ready for PS4 in about two years or so The power of these generation of consoles are overrated and obsolete

  2. i don’t think the ps4 should come out anytime soon because all it would be is a updated ps3 with graphics that will probably be the same maybe a little better with a bigger hard drive. I doubt there would be big improvements in the system anyways. Plus im not ready to spend another 650 on a brand new system.

  3. I dont think PS4 will be comeing out anytime soon. I dont think PS4 will come out for years to come, like 2013 or 2014, probably because PS3 has much (LIFE’) in it, Even XBOX 360 will not be coming out with ITS’ replacement XBOX 720, mainly because the CPU in these counsoles is POWERFUL’ compared to most gameing PC’s now ah days, also sales for both counsoles are very good, not to mention Battle field 3 will be coming out for both PS3, XBOX 360 and also PC, so you see there’s simply NO NEED’ right now for PS4, its years away.. However Sony and microsoft may suprise us and there might be a late 2011 release of both PS4 and XBOX 720, there MAY’ even be a Wii2 about that time to, Who knows..

  4. wow that is amazing in just like 3 yrs u have come out with the ps3 and soon hopefuy the ps4 and hope fully the ps4 will beable 2 play games from the ps3 and sony y not make a machine that makes like halo playable on the ps3

  5. i think ps4 will be an awesome system but look at how many different ps3s there are theres like 6 different consoles u got the ps3 slim which have barely any memory the 640 hard drive(the 1 i have) the what is it the 280 hard drive what im saying is the ps4 will not be coming out for a couple years

  6. I have all my ps1, 2 ,3 games . . .and I love to play them all still . . . However ??? . . .If the ps4, cant play all the games as in ps 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 ? . . . I wont be forking over any cash for more sony products . . . . x-box here I come ! ! ! ! oh yeah ???? I already have it too !


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