PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.6 Rumored to be Coming February 22nd

PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.6 Rumored to be Coming February 22nd

It looks like Japan will be getting a firmware update on the day the PlayStation 4 is released in the region, hopefully it is for the best and not launch day woes like what we had in North America. Sony posted on their community forum that the 1.6 update for the PS4 firmware would be delayed until February 22nd, which is when the console is set to be released in its home region. Ungodly0529 had some comments that promised more information about support from the company’s PULSE headsets line soon:

“Well it seems recently from inside sources that the update we are anticipating has a date. PS4 update 1.6 to be released on FEB 22, 2014 alongside the plan debut of Playstation 4 in Japan. There will be talk about the headset soon but the update was pushed to the 22nd, I hope this little bit of information helps everyone out.”

The update was first leaked via product listing for the new PlayStation Gold wireless headsets on both Play-Asia’s and Best Buy’s websites. Best Buy has removed the listing but any pressure that Sony might be applying has not phased Play-Asia into doing the same. The headset will be sporting a 7.1 surround sound, it will work on both the PS3 and PS4, and it requires firmware update 4.20 on the PS3 and the rumored 1.6 on the PS4. Is this rumor is true we should expect to hear a confirmation from Sony soon.



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