PlayStation 4 Finally Available in Japan and it has No Competition

PlayStation 4 Finally Available in Japan and it has No Competition

Over three months after the PlayStation 4 was released in the US the console is now finally available in Japan. The Japan release comes after Sony had already managed to rack up impressive numbers; with 5.3 million units sold worldwide as of February 8th, the PS4 also managed to sell almost double the Xbox One consoles in the US in January. The console is still hard to find.

The console comes in two packages in Japan, the regular edition for 41,900 yen and the PlayStation Camera bundle which costs 46,100 yen. Both of the versions include a digital copy of Sony’s family friendly action game Knack. Microsoft has yet to announce anything about the Xbox One in Japan, they have struggled in the region before, though the console should arrive there eventually.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios’ President had some comments on the PS4 release in Japan” “In a sense I hope [PS4 sells out in Japan too],” says Yoshida. “That’s what’s been happening outside Japan, so it would be strange to see just in Japan that there are units everywhere.”

The PS3 support in Japan seems to still be going as well with some high profile Japanese PS3 titles set to be released in the next year, two of these games are Dark Souls II and Persona 5, and most companies that are developing for the PS4 are releasing their games on the PS3 as well. “As [PS3 developers and publishers] see the reception of PS4 in the market, hopefully they will decide to bring these popular titles to PS4 as well and eventually transition to PS4,” says Yoshida.



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