Possible PlayStation 4 Development Announced


Update: Playstation 4 Release Date Count Down

The rumors have finally been confirmed! The PlayStation 4 is currently being developed by Sony, according to the Sony Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial, Officer Masaru Kato.

Sony has finally turned a profit in their Networked Products and Services division, which includes items like the PlayStation 3 and PSP, for a profit of $492 million in the fourth quarter. This is enormous, since Sony had to spend so much money in order to create the individual software pieces for the PS3.

So where did all the money go for the 14 million PS units sold this past year? “For the home console, the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business,” Kato said. “So for the future platform—when we will introduce the product I cannot discuss—but development work is underway, so the costs are incurred there.”

That’s right: Kato confirmed the rumor that the PS4 is being developed, and a large amount of the PS3 profits are going into the Next Generation Console. The plus side of the PS4 for developers, though, is that Sony will not need to create manufacturers for new technology, since they have already done that for the PS3. The technology is already available; they just are going to make it even better. And they have been busy with other devices, like the Xperia Play/PlayStation Phone, so who knows what the next device will do.

We don’t know yet when the PS4 will be released, but we do know that last month, Microsoft finally hired workers to begin development of their Xbox 720, so that is officially underway as well. Next week is the annual E3 convention, and we already know that Nintendo is unveiling their Wii 2.

So the future is finally here: the next generation of gaming is only a few years—or less—away.


  1. I cant wait for the 4th installment of the Playstation system, I do know that I will not get it for a while after release because I do not feel like sitting outside a store for 24+ hours to get the reserve on the damn thing lol. Maybe I will make my girlfriend do it lol. J/K I would never do that. I have already read about the Wii U and that things already sounds amazing so I can only imagine what Sony is gonna do knowing ahead of time what Nintendo is doing with they’re system, this should make Sony step they’re game up just a little more. Of course Microsoft will be coming out after Sony I am sure just as usual so that they can try to over take Sony but as long as Sony keeps they’re network play free they should have no issues taking on Microsoft.

  2. Damn that wii u looks awsome! I mean I thought about my consoles and handhelds “hooking up” when I was at work but nintendo has confirmed my suspicion. Nice. I hear you can play some games on just the tablet! Really, I can play before work on my tv and bring it with me to work and continue playing on my lunch break! Plus its hd when you play on tv. Damn sony, please step your game up and come up with something 10x better. I don’t want to be a nintendo fan boy…

  3. While it is good to be optimistic about the PS4, I’m very curious on how the could possibly top their current system. I mean xbox 360 has some cool features that I wished the ps3 would have like xbox live. I mean they already came out with the move and xbox has already invented the infa-red sensor technology with the Kinect. What ever Sony comes out with for the next generation better be more revolutionary than a space ship landing on the moon.

  4. ya no Sony shud take apart an xbox from an enginer programmer view and dev a chip to let us play music while playing ANY type of game whether on PSN or not… ive taken note that my ps3 lets me listen to my audio files while im on the web – idk y they dont just link it in their server programs and make some more money by making partnerships with ISPs ,say 50-5 for the bill of the ISPs wud make a great deal of profit , exclusives any1


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