PlayStation 4 Console Specs Promise a Huge Scope of Possibilities


Introduction of Playstation 4 with the world at large

With a formal announcement at the event held in New York, Sony Entertainers the Japanese giants of gaming genre introduced to the world the new Playstation 4 console. Though the actual box is still a well kept secret, gamers of the world at large were made known of its high-end technological specifications. It is announced to be a successor of the PS3 console, however with a whole new world of gaming experience.

The impressive bunch of hardware with PC like configuration

The new PS4 is designed based on the use of high-end hardware specifications which enables Sony Entertainment to boast it to be the fastest around the globe. PS4 console has an inbuilt eight core processor x86 with Jaguar CPU along with the 1.84 tera flop AMD graphics engine for an outstanding performance to its gaming users. Supplemented further with 8GB memory, hard drive storage, Blu-ray drive enabling to play DVD’s, 3 USB ports etc. The said specs imitate those of a modern generation PC with a unique composition of graphics and AMD processors. With Bluetooth 2.1 Ethernet, Analog AV out, HDMI with optical audio output in digital form, PS4 claims to lessen the lag while accessing any online content. It also assures of faster downloads of games in the background enabling one to play the game while still being downloaded.

sony-playstation-4-ps4-architecture-001--630x354Access to games and entertainment

Sony Entertainment further claims, PS4 console making use of the cloud technology will enable gamers to access all the games from PS1 to PS3, however it’s not yet stated if this would be achieved via emulation, digital downloads or streaming. It will also enable third party vendor services for downloads.

Specification excellence leading to gaming excellence

The gaming world is excited with features wherein the support of playstation can be extended through Sony phones, tablets and also electronics. The possibility of maximizing the game play extended to several devices also sounds as a great benefit.

Haven for online generation

PS4-suspend-resumePS4 promises several known gaming franchises along with many newer titles. The video footages of these games can be shared in real time. The enabling of real time gaming assures of teams connected through devices and staying updated on the progress of the game. There are much more promises made making it sound more interesting and worth waiting for.

Gamers kept busily guessing and speculating about the real console

At the event Sony announced the arrival of PS4 in a short and brief manner. A slight glimpse of the rough specifications chart, a DualShock controller and also a camera bar where all that was revealed to the world. The actual looks of the console are not made public similarly the prices are not declared. However with a few glimpses of graphical strength and excellence they have possibly grabbed the attention and a huge fan following.

One may assume it to be a huge list of promises and a wide scope for dreaming.



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