PlayStation 4 Getting Close to Wii U Lifetime Sales


After the PS4 came out of the gate smoking in November, so fast that it is now the fastest selling console launch in history; the PlayStation 4 has continued to generate great numbers and Sony have announced that the console now has 5.3 million units sold worldwide. To compare, the Wii U which launched in November 2012 had 5.86 million units sold as of December.

Not only will the PlayStation 4 take the lead in the next gen console wars, but it had reached the projected sales total three weeks earlier than expected. This is especially great for Sony since the PlayStation 4 will be released in its home region, Japan, on Saturday, which should lead to even better sales for the console.

There has been no news on how the Xbox One is doing to date.

When you look at the numbers the PlayStation 4 is having and the explosion the console is causing with game streaming on Twitch, this is will be a very nice generation in gaming.



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