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Everybody is waiting for the day when PlayStation 4 will be finally launched in the fourth quarter of this year. This successor of PS 3 is very promising because of its highly modified and developed hardware and game compatibility. A good number of new and improved accessories are also coming up to complement its performance.

All of it is done to enhance the overall gaming experience of the loyal and passionate gaming fans of Sony. This time again the makers of PlayStation gaming consoles have not disappointed the avid gaming enthusiasts of PS series. PlayStation 4 Eye is the latest accessory in the line for PS 4.

This is a redesigned camera that is now renamed as PlayStation 4 Camera. It incorporates double 1280 x 800px highly sensitive cameras, which have an aperture of an amazing f/2.0 with a good 30 cm of focusing distance. The lenses are wide-angle that are fixed to it, delivers 85-degree of diagonal views that can consequently recognize the actual depth in the present space in a very precise manner.

PlayStation4 CameraWith it, the PlayStation 4 Camera can sort out the precise image of the gamer from his background. It can also grasp the precise position of the gamer in front as well as behind, which broadens the ways of enjoying a particular game.

The four microphones, which are incorporated in the PlayStation 4 Camera, are very competent to deliver an accurate detection of sound and its source origination. The gamers will also be conveniently able to sign in to their PlayStation 4 with the face recognition, which is an additional feature. This particular device will allow the gamer to enjoy the video games in a more intuitive manner because the camera would catch the voice as well as body movements appropriately.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 Camera can conveniently sense the colors of the light bar that DualShock 4 may emit, to locate the different positions of many gamers. This lets the console set the chosen characters in the very same positions as their handlers are positioned.

PlayStation 4 CameraThe device supports the motion controller of PlayStation Move, while it finds the complete motion of PlayStation Move in a precise manner. This is immediately reflected in the gamers’ in-game motion in a very accurate way than it could have ever been possible. There is a very interesting detail about the four channel microphone of PS 4 Camera. It helps in reducing the unwanted noise in the background of a game and it could easily be used to issue game commands. This is set to a tentative 7.3” x 1.1” x 1.1” with an approximate weight of 6.5 oz. The convenience to record RAW or uncompressed YUV videos and connecting it with PLS 4 via the auxiliary port of the console makes it very favorable for a gamer.

At a good price of $59.99, it is indeed a very fine deal available across the internet right now. It must be grabbed quickly before the gamers understand the complete functionality of this amazing device that is meant to enhance the overall gaming experience on PlayStation 4.

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