PlayStation 4 Camera Has Done a Disappearing Act

PlayStation 4 Camera Has Done a Disappearing Act

The PlayStation 4 has been out since mid-November, and it isn’t even released in Japan yet, but one of its main features is really hard to find already. The PlayStation 4 Camera was rumored to be included in the console’s package, but Sony removed it before its release; for reasons we can only speculate.

If you take a look around the internet’s big retailers it’s pretty much impossible to find a new one available for order. Amazon doesn’t have to available for sale directly, and the cheapest you can find one for from the Amazon third party sellers is $130. Best Buy and Target don’t have to item available for order, or even online pickup; while Walmart and Toys R Us don’t even have it listed.

There is always to option to look around stores and hope you find one available, but for now it seems impossible to find one online without seriously overpaying for it. The cheapest option right now is a Buy It Now option from eBay which will still run at $100, which is $40 over the original price.



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