Playstation 4 Box Contents


If you were wondering what would be in the Playstation 4, and how it would all look, well wonder no more.
We have found reports on Reddit, of what will be in the Playstation 4 box, and the image being posted looks like the real thing.

Here it is, a sneak peek at what will be included with the Playstation 4.

ps4-box-contentsYou can click the image to get an up close look at what will be offered. Just from the looks of it there appears to be an HDMI cable, which is great news for gamers who also happen to own a HDTV and what to see all of the impressive graphics the Playstation will be capable of. early rumors point to the Xbox One also coming with an HDMI cable but I have not yet been able to confirm this. A few people have been pointing out that the WiiU is the first console to come out with the HDMI cable in the box, but really who cares.

Looks like overall we have

PlayStation 4 Console

DualShock 4 Controller x1

Power Cable x1

HDMI Cable x1

‘Charger’ Cable/ Mini USB Cable x1

Headset/ Mic x1

‘Quick Start Guide x1

And that folks appears to be what will be included in your Playstation 4 box, so if you have not yet be sure to pre order yours today!

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