PlayStation 4 Gives the Ability to Play Alone Together


For years now games have inherently require more than one person. Though computers do a good job of filling in for people at times, Sony has the PlayStation 4 designed to improve the social interaction with single player games.

“There’s no doubt that ‘play’ is no longer an isolated pastime,” says Mark Cerny, lead architect of the PlayStation 4, at the system’s unveiling in February.

The last console that Sony brought out appealed to hard core gamers with baked in online multiplayer modes. People can log on to their game and compete with friends or people across to globe. While most games have a multiplayer side, single player stories are usually the main attraction for a game.

The PlayStation 4 adds a few ways for gamers to interact with each other even if they are playing on their own.

The DualShock 4 Controller has a new Share button that allows players to broadcast everything they are doing on the World Wide Web. They can hit to button to upload video on their accomplishments and failures. “Just hit the Share button on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of game-play, pick a portion, tag it, and return to your game,” says Mr. Cerny. The video will upload to Facebook while you continue playing.

The PlayStation 3 identifies players by their usernames but Cerny says that the new console will focus more on real names. You can still protect your name if you wish it, but Sony wants players to connect their PlayStation profiles with their social networking profiles. This will help gamers find their friends without any trouble.




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